The LIFE program has launched two calls for proposals, underlining its commitment to support projects that protect the environment and cope with climate change.

Image result for life program european commissionThe 2015 LIFE program grants call was launched on June 1, 2015 and includes proposals for both subprograms, environment and climate action. The total budget of subsidies for project activities for this call is 240,811,337 € Of this amount, 184,141,337 € have been allocated the environmental subprogram and 56,670,000 € have been allocated to the subprogram of “climate action” . At least 55% of the environment allocation will be dedicated to projects supporting the conservation of nature and biodiversity.

Traditional projects include projects to disseminate best practices, demonstration, pilot or information and awareness. These are financed under one of three lines for the environment subprogram (LIFE Nature and Biodiversity, LIFE Environment and resource efficiency and LIFE for environmental and information governance). For the Climate Action subprogram, the lines are: LIFE climate change mitigation, LIFE climate change adaptation and LIFE climate governance and information.

The capacity-building projects are designed to provide financial support for the activities necessary to strengthen the capacity of the Member States to allow more effective participation in the LIFE program.

The other three new types of projects introduced by LIFE 2015-2020 are integrated projects, technical assistance projects and preparatory projects. For the environmental subprogram, these are managed by the LIFE Unit of DG Environment.

Public bodies, private business organizations and private non-commercial organizations (including NGOs) registered in the EU are eligible to apply for grants for LIFE activities.