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3 reasons why you should put your money to work

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The habit of saving is something that more and more people practice; However, having this good action for our finances is no longer enough. It is time to consider investing those savings.

The word investment can scare many people, especially because there is a total lack of knowledge and the reasons why it is NECESSARY to invest are never mentioned.

Here we bring you the 3 reasons why you should do it:

1. The withdrawal

It is no secret that public pensions are no longer what they were, every day there is less money for these and it is already an obligation for us, the workers, to locate an option to save money for retirement. There are AFORES that are very necessary and safe, but the best thing is to complement it looking for more ways to invest our money.

2. Heritage

If you already have a family or are planning to make one, you should know the importance of having a heritage. A heritage is necessary in case something unexpected happens, you have a backup, but if nothing happens, you can leave a legacy to future generations. Most people consider that having a savings account is more than enough; However, the interests that this type of instruments leave us are very few and sometimes the majority goes to collections made by banking institutions for account management and so on.

3. Inflation

It is a term that we have all heard, but that few really know. Inflation is the generalized and sustained increase in the prices of goods and services in the market. Generally this rise in prices are adjusted with wage increases; nevertheless, even so it does not reach many times. Investing is a good option for our money to work and we have to worry less about inflation.

But how do I make it to invest?

We understand that one of the reasons why people do not dare to invest is because of the complexity that investments require, besides that in many places the minimum amounts to invest are very large.

Fortunately, Doopla allows you to lend your money and generate yields far superior to those that exist elsewhere; It is also very simple and the amounts to start investing in this platform range from 500 pesos, although it is advisable to start with 10 thousand, to be able to diversify your money within this community.