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Debt settle but how | Debt repayment, but how?

Debt repayment, but how? How and under what conditions the debts are settled. In the survey that customers of online retailers pay their bills poorly. as high as possible a share of the debt as possible. to his fridge and began to settle the smallest debt first. There are some classics, but the cases often differ in the details.

Debt settlement: English “English” German

Debt settlement: English "English" German

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The debt requirement

The debt requirement

Extreme private debt was one of the main causes of the financial market crisis that started around ten years ago. The very high national debt was one of the causes of the ice crisis. Various studies prove that over-indebtedness – whether by the federal government or by private individuals – is an economic permanent bomb.

These experiences have given the impression that debts are generally evil, which must be prevented at all times and at all times. But the buzzword school has a more ethical negative tone. Getting into debt or earning interest for a long time was seen as a kind of meaningfulness.

In fact, the likelihood of over-indebtedness is a good thing! He made the statement in light of the demands of the full-money initiative to turn the current market system completely upside down and deprive credit institutions of the opportunity to earn money through loans. The monetary system is largely based on debt. Our deposits are always based on debt capital.

Otherwise, promising investments with high economic and social added value would generally not be possible. However, this does not mean that every level of debt and every form of investment has a great economic and social advantage.

Here, the relationship between debt and the expected benefits of the investment thus made is crucial: borrowing funds from the future perspective for high-yielding investments through a loan, then borrowing is economically reasonable.

The situation is different when investments

The situation is different when investments

Do not generate lasting added value and sustainable returns. Debt to speculative financing with rising real estate prices, as in anticipation of the housing crisis, has no social value and threatens an economy. In the case of a very rapid increase in debt, this is also a clear alarm signal in practice, as the opportunities offered by socially and economically sound investments can usually not keep up.

But instead of demonizing any form of debt, good regulation is needed, especially for the financial industry, which does business with debt. Due to proper regulation, it has a very significant and constructive role for the economy.

This not only through their ability to provide credit but also through their task, to evaluate the investment opportunities and to provide the funds well diversified in those with prospects of success.