Rituals to attract money that do work

Image result for attract moneyThe year comes to an end, it is time to prepare the rituals to attract health, money, love and abundance. On this occasion, we are going to concentrate on one of these elements that can be assured by others, money.

Of course, cash does not buy love, but it can help pay the doctor’s bills, to ensure health, and allow us to invest in assets to build wealth, generating wealth. This ritual to attract money does work.

In addition, not only is it effective, it is also easy to do. But remember that the rituals for money will only work if you really believe in them. The most important rituals for urgent money require that you be able to visualize what you want to achieve.

For this type of ritual, you will have to visualize the specific amount of money you want. The procedure you can repeat as many times as you want and consider necessary to get where you want.

Step # 1 – Make a budget

The first thing you have to do is make a budget of your income and expenses. A fundamental requirement for this ritual of money to work is that you know how much money you generate in a month and in a year, and how much you spend in those periods of time.

You can quickly draw up a budget by means of a template that we have prepared for you. You can download the template for free How to make a family budget? There you can write down how much money you enter and how much you leave.

The preparation of a budget allows you to know how much money you spend more, what purchases you can eliminate to reduce money leaks and start a savings plan to meet your goals. You can consult the steps to follow to prepare a budget that we have prepared for you.

Step # 2 – Evaluate your ability to save

Once we have elaborated our budget, we will be able to know how much money we will destine to the saving of the month and the year. At this point, there are two things we should consider:

  • How much money we save.
  • How much money do we want to save?

The budget tells us how much money we have left free with the consumption habits we have. But it also allows us to see opportunities to increase our money, there are many unnecessary expenses that we can cut. Identify them and eliminate them from your daily purchases.

Step # 3 – Set specific goals

Image result for set goals

Our budget also allows us to set goals. Based on the information we have developed in the previous steps, budget and programmable savings, we have to set specific savings goals. For example, if we save 3,000 pesos per month, 36,000 pesos per year.

From the numbers that we have reviewed in our budget, we have to identify how many expenses we can cut, this amount could add to our savings, to say the least, 1,500 more per month. A year later we will have collected 54,000 pesos. Not bad, do not you think?

Our goal of saving can be to get the hitch for a car, buy bicycles for the whole family, change the refrigerator and stove, or remodel the house.

We have to make an assessment of the amount of money we need to reach our goal and review our savings capacity, the amount of money we can raise per month, to see how much time we need to meet the goal.

Step # 4 – Supplement your income

In case our saving capacity is not enough to achieve the goals we have established, we must consider the possibility of obtaining extra income sources. For this, there are several ideas you can try.

We have prepared a material with simple projects that you can try to increase household income. Download our Guide at no cost to earn extra money from your home.

Having an extra income will make it easier to reach your financial goals and increase your savings capacity, attracting money in the most effective way possible, with healthy personal finances.

Step # 5 – Take advantage of financial services

There are projects that can become the best ritual to attract money. Putting a home business or starting a small project may require an initial investment, but in the long run it will become a source of safe and stable income.

On the other hand, financial services may be the best way to get the extra money we need to achieve our goals.

For example, if we want to remodel the house we can ask for a loan . The steps from one to three allow us to know what our saving capacity is and, therefore, our ability to pay.

The ability to pay is what allows us to know how much money we can and we must borrow. If we have 3,000 pesos free per month, we can request a loan that costs us 1,500 or 2,000 pesos per month.

It is a sum that we can pay and that allows us to save a little money, in case we need cash.

Step # 6 – Do not waste time with rituals that do not work

Tips for not making bad financial decisions that you will regret in a yearThe rituals to attract money do not work because they do not establish a real mechanism to generate money. To attract money we have to set goals, set goals and plan the right way to manage our resources to achieve what we want.

Of course, rituals can be fun and, without a doubt, symbolize a personal drive to achieve what we want. They can be motivating and effective to remind us that it is important to take care of our money and prepare ourselves to earn what we consider fair to live as we wish. But, by themselves, they are useless.

We have to be careful with the recording of our income, expenses and consumption habits. Impulsive purchases, unnecessary recurring expenses, abuse of credit cards and other bad financial decisions can lead to a spiral of waste and chronic indebtedness.

So that you do not regret in a year of the bad financial decisions you are making, take care of your money, make a personal budget and a family budget, set savings goals and take advantage of the financial instruments that exist.

We have prepared some tips to help you not make financial decisions that may affect you in the future. We invite you to download this material completely free. Take care of your money, use it with prudence and attract much more with this ritual that does work.