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10 Best Artifact Creatures For Commander


Artifacts are one of the cornerstones of Magic The Gathering’s Commander format. Although there are many artifacts available in the game, a special type of artifact exists: artifact creatures.

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Artifact creatures still count as artifacts, but have power and toughness like regular creatures, and can block and attack as such. Although they are more likely to be removed, they can also take advantage of any cards that benefit creatures. There are many powerful artifact creatures, many of which are one or even fewer colors, making them playable in the majority of decks regardless of their color identity.


ten solemn simulacrum

Solemn Simulacrum is a staple of decks that can’t perform many ramp spells, usually ones that don’t work green. When it enters the battlefield, you get any basic land on the battlefield.

Solemn Simulacrum is also a good blocker because when he dies you can draw a card. You can even force this if you have a sacrifice hold. It is colorless, which allows any deck to play it. Although it costs four mana, it’s not a hard amount of mana to achieve in Commander. It offers a big advantage for being only one creature.

9 Silent Arbiter

Silent Arbiter is a unique artifact creature as it is a very good Stax piece. It prevents more than one creature from attacking or blocking each combat. He also has solid tenacity, making Silent Arbiter a solid blocker as well to take advantage of his ability.

Silent Arbiter is a fantastic inclusion in Voltron decks, which want to charge a creature with boost effects. So not only does Silent Arbiter barely affect you, but also ensures that the opponent won’t endanger your main creature by blocking with more than one creature.

Phyrexian Metamorph is a unique artifact creature in that instead of entering the battlefield as such, it will enter as a copy of any creature on the battlefield. It’s not exclusive to yours, allowing you to get a copy of a powerful creature controlled by an opponent.

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It even basically only costs three mana, because Phyrexian mana lets you pay two life instead of blue for it. This turns the copy into an artifact creature, but in the right deck it’s an even bigger advantage for an already powerful card.

seven Triplets Sen

Although Sen Triplets is a fantasy commander, if you’re into Esper colors (white/blue/black) you’ll want to include Sen Triplets in there. It is one of the most popular Stax pieces, completely preventing an opponent from playing during your turn. Plus, you can even play cards from their hand as if you owned them.

Sen Triplets is specific in decks that can play it, but being able to make sure someone who can interact with you can’t make it a worthwhile inclusion outside of the command zone.

6 Aetherbound Canonist

Ethersworn Canonist is a card that stops everything except artifact spells. While on the battlefield, only one non-artifact spell can be cast. It only costs two mana to cast, allowing Ethersworn Canonist to enter the battlefield early to begin affecting the board immediately.

In the right deck, Ethersworn Canonist won’t hurt you if you play a lot of artifact spells, including artifact creatures. The effect resets every turn, which means it ensures that you won’t have to have a spell war with another player.

5 Colossus of Blightsteel

Blightsteel Colossus costs 12 mana to cast, but in decks that can easily fool big mana creatures, it’s fantastic. He has an 11/11 stat line, as well as trample and infect, allowing him to take out a player with a single attack if he can’t block ten damage.

Blightsteel Colossus when combined with cards with Ninjitsu creates a terrifying situation. He’s even indestructible, meaning only removing exile and rebound will work against him. If Blightsteel Colossus is ever put into the graveyard, it is simply put back into the deck, helping you never mill your deck for certain combos again.

4 Choking mat

Rug Of Smothering is a counter card for just about any deck that uses combos. Commander has many ways to go infinite, allowing games to end quickly by casting certain spells over and over.

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However, Rug Of Smothering helps stop that. Since the opponent loses a life for every spell they cast this turn, this can cause a ton of burn damage very quickly. Unless the combo gains life, chances are they can’t complete it without getting burned.

3 magic sketch

Spellskite is a fantastic artifact creature that requires care unless an opponent wants to lose an ability. For just two hit points (or one blue mana), you can change the target of any spell to Spellskite.

It’s not once per turn, allowing it to be used multiple times. It only costs two mana to cast, which makes it very easy to bring out. Since it allows you to switch targets, spells, or abilities, creature-based combos can be ruled out altogether or used as protection against a removal spell if you want a different creature to stick around.

2 Academy Maker

Academy Manufactor is a staple in every token deck. Each time a Clue, Food, or Treasure token is created, one of each is created instead. All of these tokens are easy to craft, allowing you to quickly flood the battlefield with them.

Many mana spells will do at least one of these tokens, letting you do the rest. Since treasure tokens are so useful, Academy Manufactor makes it much easier for you to do more of them. If you’re playing a deck that wants as many tokens or artifacts on the battlefield as possible, Academy Manufactor is a must.

1 Esper Sentinel

Not only is Esper Sentinel the best artifact creature, it’s also one of the best white creatures for Commander in general. White can have trouble drawing cards, and that’s something Esper Sentinel helps.

Whenever a noncreature spell is cast, you may draw a card unless the caster pays mana equal to its power. Since Esper Sentinel only costs 1 white mana, you can play it on the first turn, allowing you to start taking advantage of it early and get a lead in card advantage. If you can boost Esper Sentinel’s stats, it makes it even harder to pay the tax, almost guaranteeing you’ll be able to pull the card from its trigger.

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