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10 Best Commander Cards From Magic’s Dominaria United Set


Commander is one of the most popular Magic: The Gathering formats today. This multiplayer format allows players to build a deck around a single legendary creature that they can easily access throughout the game. At each new Magic together there are a few new legendary creatures that can be used as new commanders.

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The last Magic Position, Dominaria Unitedtakes place in one of Magicolder settings and features a ton of popular characters. Wizards of the Coast has given all of these character cards, resulting in over 70 possible new commanders from the set, some better than others.

ten Ayesha Tanaka, Armorer, is an excellent Voltron Gear Commander

Ayesha Tanaka, Armorer allows players to play artifacts for free if they are below her power. This ability works great with Equipment Artifacts which can increase its power as it will allow players to get more expensive equipment on the board for free.

Ayesha also can’t be blocked if the player she’s attacking controls three artifacts. Since Artifacts are very popular in Commander for mana production, chances are Ayesha can attack her opponents directly and win with Commander damage.

9 Soul Of Windgrace can spawn on mighty lands

Soul of Windgrace has a variety of abilities allowing for some versatility. He can draw cards, gain life or make himself indestructible. Perhaps his most powerful ability is the one that allows players to take land from any graveyard.

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Powerful lands are often the target of suppression spells in Commander games. Soul of Windgrace will allow players to recover all destroyed land, or even those in enemy graveyards. It can also help recycle reclaimed land to continually increase a player’s mana base.

8 Jenson Carthalion, Druid Exile helps filter mana in WUBRG decks

Five-color Commander decks are a lot of fun because they allow players to access any card. However, these decks can be very expensive, as they require a lot of quality lands to ensure they have all the suits. Luckily, Jenson Carthalion can save players money by helping set their mana colors.

Jenson Carthalion only costs one white mana and one green mana, making it easy to take out on the board. Once there, it allows players to pay five mana of any color to make one mana of each color. It’s a great way to create any color a player needs without having every land type.

seven Sheoldred, the apocalypse is a potential combo catalyst

Drawing maps is an important resource for everything Magic player, but Sheoldred, the Apocalypse will discourage opponents from drawing too much. By dealing two damage to any opponent who draws a card, Sheoldred will slow their enemies and give players an advantage in terms of life totals.

Sheoldred, the Apocalypse also gives the player who controls it two extra life points each time they draw a card. This gives players the ability to use life for a resource and also forms a powerful combo with Lich’s Mastery card.

6 Jhoira, an ageless innovator deceives artifacts

Jhoira, Ageless Innovator allows players to avoid mana costs for artifact cards by giving them a chance to play one for free each time she activates her ability. Artifacts are part of Magicthe most powerful cards of, and getting them for free will put players ahead of their opponents.

Since Jhoira, Ageless Innovator allows players to include blue cards in their deck, there are ways players can untap her and use her ability multiple times per turn. This can quickly snowball, allowing players to get an early lead over their opponents.

5 Ramses, Assassin Lord is tasty and powerful

Ramses, Assassin Lord offers players another way to win the game. If a player controlling Ramses eliminates one of his three opponents and attacks him with an assassin creature in the same turn, he wins the game.

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Not only is this a very powerful effect, allowing a player to eliminate just one of their three opponents to win, but it also fits the theme of the card very well. Much like an assassin, players only need to take out a specific target to succeed. Maps with strong themes are always a fun way to engage players in a character.

4 Zur, Eternal Schemer protects enchanted creatures

No one likes to see their powerful cards removed from the board. Fortunately, Zur, Eternal Schemer can protect powerful enchantments in a deck. Zur gives all enchantment creatures on his side of the board hexproof, so opponents can’t target them. He can also turn normal enchantments into enchantment creatures for two mana, allowing him to protect them as well.

Zur interacts powerfully with some MagicGod Cards of Theros. These cards are indestructible enchantment creatures, and by giving them hexproof as well, opponents will have a really hard time removing these cards.

3 Stenn, paranoid supporter is a great source of value

Some of the most expensive and powerful Magic cards are artifacts that have a mana value of 0 and produce more mana. Stenn, Paranoid Partisan reduces the cost of one-mana artifacts, allowing one-mana artifacts to be played at no cost. Essentially, it can turn a $1 Sun Ring into a nearly $200 Mana Crypt.

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In addition to reducing the cost of artifacts, Stenn can also easily create an infinite combo with Sensei’s Divining Top card. By using these two cards with one of the many cards that allow players to play the top card of their library, a player can draw their entire deck in a single turn, most likely giving them access to all the cards they have. needed to win the game.

2 Jodah, the unifier is perfect for legendary tribes

Legendary creatures are some of the best Magic, and Jodah, the Unifier can make them even stronger. Jodah will increase the power and toughness of all legendary creatures by the number of legendary creatures on her side of the battlefield. This means players can fill their board with some of the best creatures Magic has to offer and gain additional benefits for doing so.

Jodah, the Unifier will also give players a random legendary spell from their deck for free each time they cast a legendary spell from their hand. This can allow Jodah players to quickly fill their board with legendary creatures that will continue to grow stronger.

1 Meria, Scholar of Antiquity

Mox Emerald is a $3000+ Magic card, and Meria, Scholar of Antiquity can turn any 0-cost artifact into it. Meria has the ability to tap an artifact and add green mana, and since this ability is on Meria and not the artifact, players can use it at any time.

Meria also lets players tap two artifacts so they can play the top card of their library for the rest of their turn. This means that Meria not only gives players extra mana to use, but more cards to play with. Drawing cards and producing mana are two of the best things a Commander can do, and Meria does both to great effect.

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