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5 Egyptian artifacts confiscated in New York


The golden coffin that once contained the mummy of Nedjemankh, a priest from the Ptolemaic period around 2,000 years ago, is on display at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Old Cairo, Egypt. (AP)

CAIRO – June 2, 2022: The New York Attorney General’s Office has confiscated five Egyptian artifacts, worth a total of over $3 million, from the Metropolitan Museum, after a thorough investigation into the international trade in Egyptian antiquities, which led to the indictment of the former president and director of the Louvre museum in Paris, Jean-Luc Martinez.

The illegal possession of the artifacts was first reported by ARTnews. Four of the pieces belong to the collection of Robin Dib, a German-Lebanese dealer suspected by US and French authorities of selling looted pieces to art institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dib is currently being held in Paris, where he is awaiting trial for mass fraud and money laundering, but he has denied all charges.

Among the artifacts seized is a Fayum mummy portrait, painted on a wooden board typically placed on the faces of royal mummies in Roman times in Egypt. It depicts a woman in a blue dress and dates from around 60 BC.