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6 tips for completing the museum’s collection


There are plenty of things to do in Valley of stars, and agriculture is only half of it. This charming indie title encourages players to spend time with NPCs and uncover hidden secrets. Players have the freedom to calmly approach their Valley of stars play or approach their tasks in a structured way. While restoring the Pelican Town Community Center is often the first set of tasks players will seek to accomplish, the museum shouldn’t be overlooked.

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The museum contains both a library and a gallery to display the various collectibles that players can find. As players fill the library, Gunther will give them rewards, which can range from Seeds to a Key to the Sewer. The biggest reward, however, is the Stardrop that players receive upon completing the collection. Stardrops permanently increase the player’s maximum energy by 34 points. These fruits are rare, so here are some tips for getting that Museum Restoration Reward.

Watch TV in the morning


The television inside the player’s house is very often overlooked, especially at the start of the game. However, it can provide a lot of useful information that can make it easier to find artifacts. Players should watch The Fortune Teller every morning before starting any task, as it will notify them of their luck for that day. When she says the spirits are “very happy” or “in a good mood”, luck will be on the player’s side.

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Luck stat affects several areas of the game, particularly geode drop rates and chances of getting treasure. Artifacts can often be found in geodes and treasure chests, meaning players who want an edge should seek out those with more luck.

Keep an eye out for artifact stains


Players may encounter strange wiggling worms coming out of the ground as they explore. These are in fact Artifact points, where players can find artifacts and lost books for the museum. Since these can spawn almost anywhere at any time, players should always have the hoe in their inventory. This includes the interior of mines, as these spots can also appear there.

Players with access to enchanted tools can potentially double the chance of finding an artifact using an enchanted hoe. Artifact Points don’t disappear after a day, which means players have plenty of opportunities to find places they may have missed the day before.

Fish for treasure


While players are fishing, they can occasionally spy on a treasure chest icon on their fishing bar, which they can remove with their catch. Treasure chests can be difficult to put together, as the chest has a progress bar that is separate from any fish on the line. If a player loses the fish, they will also lose the treasure chest.

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Having a luck buff from food can also increase the number of items in a stack inside the treasure chest, as well as the chance for special items and artifacts to spawn inside. Players can also acquire the Treasure Hunter Tackle from Willy’s Fish Shop, available after reaching fishing level seven. The gear prevents fish from escaping when collecting treasure chests and also increases the chance of finding treasure chests by 33%.

Explore the mines


The mines and the Skull Cave are great places to find artifacts for the museum. Some soils have one or more soil holes that can be easily overlooked. Players can use the hoe to dig these pits and uncover artifacts. Gemstone knots also appear in mines; players can mine them to collect the items for the museum.

Geodes can also be found in mines, or by mining stones around the map. Players can bring them to Clint in the Blacksmith’s Shop to open, or open them at home with a Geode Crusher. They can contain minerals or artifacts that players can donate to the museum.

Ultimately, monsters in these locations, they can also occasionally drop artifacts if defeated. This also applies to the monsters that appear in the Wild Farm and other mines in the game. The specific artifact depends on the monster and the chances of it falling are quite slim. High daily chance will increase the chance of rare drops!

Artifact treasures


Similar to geodes, an Artefact Trove can be opened at the Blacksmith’s (but not with a Geode Crusher). They will usually only contain artifacts; However, treasure chests and golden pumpkins can also be inside.

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Players can purchase artifact treasures from the Desert Merchant for Omni Geodes. Treasures can also drop from Haunted Skulls after completing the Vault Pack. Those with access to the beach farm or dig site on Ginger Island can also find them in crates or by digging in the ground.

Excavation site


If the player completes the community center and repairs the boat at Willy’s Shop, they can win access to Ginger Island. In the northern part of the island, players can find the excavation site. The area is only accessible after repairing the bridge using 10 golden walnuts.

The excavation site is similar to the mountain quarry near Pelican Town. Players have a chance to find Rocks, Bone Nodes, Clay Nodes, and Mahogany Seeds every day. Bone nodes can be opened to find several prehistoric bones, some of which are needed for the museum collection.

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