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A taste of history at the open house of the Ogdensburg History Museum


OGDENSBURG, New York (WWNY) — A room full of artifacts, it’s part of the Ogdensburg History Museum that’s coming soon to town.

Museum president Julie Madelin said after a few years of hard work and collecting artifacts from around town, it’s finally happening.

“We’re not officially open yet, but we were very excited and wanted people to see all the work we’ve done,” Madelin said.

The first set of history in the museum showcases the period of the fort, moving into the Prohibition era and then into the era of urban renewal.

“For example, we’re going to have a slot machine, we have a life-size musket that people can see,” Madelin said.

Historian and vice president of the Ogdensburg History Museum, James Reagen, says Ogdensburg is one of many areas where some resorted to slot machines after the Prohibition era ended.

“Communities like Watertown and Ogdensburg were intimately involved in the illegal activities that were going on during this time,” Reagen said.

Sunday’s open house gave people a taste of the museum’s artifacts.

“I love all the displays and all the information, I’m a great librarian and I go to the Remington, and it’s nice to have a regular little museum just for the city,” said Georgia Langley.

The Ogdensburg History Museum will open in early fall, and in the meantime it will collect more artifacts. If you are interested in donating it, you are invited to contact the president of the museum.

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