Home Art collection A Vadodara bungalow that lets in the sun but not the heat

A Vadodara bungalow that lets in the sun but not the heat


Bungalow Vadodara: Living Room and Family Room

Social spaces on the ground floor are minimalist, with the owners’ art collection punctuating them with color and character. The house allows the exterior to enter through bay windows which overlook the manicured lawns. To match the gray concrete walls, the client wanted white marble flooring throughout the house, but Gada went a different route: “Costs usually go up with this material, as does maintenance. So, we used a combination of 30% white marble, 50% Italian gray and 20%, laid in simple striped patterns. Despite this, the spaces come together without any discordant segregation. “

The lobby that leads to the living room features pale gray floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and graceful wooden seating. A set of painted wooden carvings from Indonesia, depicting crocodiles, are courted here.

An awning made from a stretched fabric creates an awning over one of the decks

In the living room, a 16 foot high ceiling is the design element that gives the space a majestic air. A large corner floor-to-ceiling bay window offers a view of the garden. The brass inlay on the floor echoes the geometric pattern on a wooden wall panel. The sober decor allows a work of art in red zardozi, purchased from an antique dealer in Kochi, to become the center of attention.