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ABC Alumnus Donates $ 1 Million For Performing Arts – Eagle News Online


CHRISTIAN BROTHERS ACADEMY – Although he now lives in Seattle, Washington, Daniel Byrne has never forgotten his alma mater in Syracuse.
The 1970 graduate of Christian Brothers Academy announced to a united group of students and staff on December 21 that he would be making the primary donation of $ 1 million for the creation of an arts space in the scene on private school grounds.
Giving members of the school’s music and drama programs a permanent place to practice under and behind the spotlight, the funding will convert a large group instruction room into a black box-style theater with acoustics, lighting and dressing rooms. at the cutting edge of technology. and audiovisual technology.
“Lives are transformed when young people discover and develop their passion with the help of a community of supporters,” said CBA President Matt Keough. “The transformative arts opportunity will take on new life at the CBA thanks to the generosity of Mr. Byrne. He is a remarkable person with a genuine love to make an impact on the lives of young people. “
The seating arrangement and the exact number of seats in the space have not yet been determined, but a steering committee made up of performing arts professionals, faculty and facilities experts will work to structure and improve the venue. dedicated area.
The total project budget for the performing arts installation is expected to be between $ 1.5 million and $ 2 million, Keough said.
Byrne has also agreed to help raise the rest of the necessary funds in hopes the theater will hold its first full-scale performance around this time next year.
Byrne’s gift is the third million dollar donation in college prep school history. The other two were courtesy of an anonymous donor and Denny Owen, who attended in the 1940s.
In addition to his recent donation, support for the school’s innovation lab, and the endowment he provided for scholarships, Byrne also funded a free summer program called Bridge 2 CBA Brothers for students. fourth and fifth year of the city whose families are below the poverty line.
Prior to becoming an engineer and collaborator in cryogenics, industrial and medical specialty gases, real estate and public speaking, Byrne was a member of the CBA stage team.