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Academy Museum offers Oscar sips and party kits – NBC Los Angeles


What there is to know

  • The 94th Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, March 27 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.
  • The Academy Museum, located at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, opened in late September 2021
  • Special movie-themed cocktails and a home viewing kit are among the museum’s offerings for the 2022 Oscars

The red carpets that sometimes stretch along Hollywood Boulevard are among the who is who-y spots all over the planet, especially during golden hour which happens just before the Oscars.

And the new faces of filmdom strolling along this legendary carpet? So many paparazzi cameras are swirling in their direction, all recording the favorites that made the splashy scene.

But there’s one newcomer who won’t be in attendance, though this new star will be on many moviegoers’ minds during the broadcast.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the Accademia Museum, the newcomer in question, is not present. The museum, after all, comprises two buildings on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, about 20 minutes from the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

Even if he can’t be physically present at the ceremony, 2022 remains a major moment for the movie-themed museum, as it’s the first Oscars season since it opened in late September 2021.

To tap into the excitement of the world’s most famous entertainment awards and give visiting moviegoers ways to enjoy Oscars week, the Academy Museum has a few things up its sparkly sleeve.

To start? Star-studded sips, of course, now available at Fanny’s, the cinema institution’s restaurant.

The cocktails, which were tastefully inspired by several of the Best Picture nominees, include the “Don’t Look Up,” a libation that features Manufactory Matcha, Lavender Agave, Oat Milk, Vanilla, Our Los Angeles Vodka, and Toasted Cinnamon. ) .

The garnish? He takes his original example from a comet, one of the central players in satire.

Any other cocktails on the fancy list? Look for imaginative sips inspired by “Nightmare Alley”, “Dune” and several other recent films. They will be available at Fanny’s until Sunday March 27, which is Oscar night.

And if you want to spend the evening at at Fanny’s, watching the Oscars from inside the Academy Museum, you can. Make your reservation now for the $85 prix-fixe dinner, which includes entree, plus “access to antipasto and dessert bars,” areas you can visit whenever you get peckish during the Party.

But you say you plan to watch the Klieg-lit lark at home in your pajamas? The Accademia Museum can help you: The museum shop has a Oscar Viewing Party Kit on the shelves, the kind of box overflowing with goodies to enhance your couch watch experience.

The kit includes drink stirrers cradling the Oscar logo, a banner, confetti, other party goodies and the most important ballots (there are a dozen in the pack).

The party box is $60 and “stocks are limited.”