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Arch Apparel released a St. Lunatics collection


The new St. Lunatics collection from Arch Apparel has arrived and it looks super fresh.

The collaboration between the clothing retailer celebrating St. Louis and the favorite St. Louis hip hop group includes hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and even jumpsuits for the little crazy ones.

St. Lunatics Murphy Lee and Kyjuan showed up for the line’s big debut at the Ballpark Village store last weekend, which also served as the listening night for Murphy Lee’s new song “2nd Time Around.”

Here at Riverside hours, we’ve been big fans of Murphy Lee for a long time. Not only was he the best tweeter in St. Louis, but he and Kyjuan also released wine ten years ago that we just had to try. (In fact, the wine business is mentioned in the lyrics to “2nd Time Around.”)

This product is officially licensed and wearing it entitles you to act like a lunatic saint, so be sure to participate in the presale now. If you do, you can keep Saint-Louis on your back and Saint-Louis on your hat, just like Murphy Lee been doing for decades.

The complete collection is available for purchase at ArchApparel.com or available for purchase in person at all three Arch Apparel locations. Addresses below.

2335 South Hanley Road, Brentwood, MO 63144
314- 601-3122

771 Clark Avenue, Saint-Louis, MO 63102

1520 South 5th Street, Suite 106, St Charles, MO 63303

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