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Art center hosts Van Gogh event – The Advocate-Messenger


Welcome to Go Van Gogh!… An afternoon of games, challenges and fun for the benefit of the Bluegrass Art Center, Saturday, September 25, 1 pm to 5 pm. This imaginary tale will follow teams of four Vincent Van Gogh from Constitution Square to Center College and back with plenty of stops and adventures along the way. Teams earn points by participating in activities, researching public art installations, and locating the great man himself.

This is the first event designed by the Bluegrass Art Center Board of Directors to engage the community in the Art Center’s mission – to connect people to art, culture and creativity. Players will enjoy immersing themselves in iconic aspects of Van Gogh’s world.

The teams will meet in a field of sunflowers, entertaining Van Gogh’s guests, reimagining his letters and, if successful, preventing the theft of the newly acquired masterpiece. As teams move from challenge to challenge, they will need to use their imaginations and work strategically to earn their points using their senses of sight, hearing, and even taste. A good aim and a good sense of coordination will also help.

This is an outdoor event. It’s not a race, but time is limited. Vincent will invite you to participate in various challenges that will make you move forward in the afternoon at random. Other decisions about your itinerary will be up to you and if you meet the artist himself, it will be worth stopping by and talking with him.

All participants receive a gift bag filled with freebies and coupons from our sponsors, participating partners and local businesses. The winning team will take home the grand prize worth over $ 300.

The Bluegrass Art Center will also inaugurate its new outdoor event space for the artistic celebration and awards ceremony that will follow. Enjoy refreshments, drinks, music and other surprises with your opponents and partners while we Go Van Gogh! The public is invited to the afterparty, which starts at 5 p.m., and includes food trucks, beer and wine for sale.

If you go: Register your team at www.artcenterky.org/go-van-gogh

Saturday September 25

• 13h00-17h00

• Bluegrass Art Center

• 401 Main Street West, Danville

• Teams must arrive no later than 1:00 p.m. to register.

• The public evening starts at 5:00 p.m.