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‘Art of the Fire’ One-Day Art Exhibit Set for Saturday – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News


Photo submitted This metal artwork was made from the flashing that was left on the top of the Malmgren garage wall after the Almeda fire.

The exhibition will feature artwork by survivors of the Almeda fire

Artists will commemorate the end of the Malmgren Garage in Talent and the start of its new future on Saturday with a day-long art exhibition featuring artwork by Almeda fire survivors on display inside charred remains of the old garage.

“We’re going come rain or shine,” said Bonnie Morgan, owner of the Malmgren building.

The event was supposed to take place last weekend but was postponed due to rain. The Almeda fire devoured the building’s roof and left it without windows or doors, leaving an art exhibit inside the building’s remaining walls vulnerable to the elements.

To protect the artwork from the rain predicted for Saturday, one of the participating artists donated clear plastic sleeves for the wall art.

“It takes a whole community to make something like this happen,” Morgan said in gratitude to the artist.

The show has grown from 45 artists to 50 last week. Many artists have donated their work to help raise funds for the “Rebuild the Garage Project”.

Those who want to help support the Malmgren Garage can purchase artwork at the show.

The event will feature art of all kinds; jewelry, ceramics, paintings, photographs, painted silk scarves, and metal art objects made from flashing left on top of a building wall.

Holding an art exhibition in the rain in a roofless building isn’t ideal, but there’s no time to wait for the sun. The Malmgren Garage doesn’t have much time left to stand as it is.

In the coming weeks, Jerome White, Christopher Brown and Capucine Clement, of the architectural firm Aritek, and the historical consultant George Kramer will begin restoration work on the old building.

Morgan’s longtime friend and fellow local artist, CiCi Brown, plans to make a documentary about the building’s restoration, but she’s also photographed and made artwork from sheet metal and ceramics inspired by the building. in its current state.

Described by Morgan as the artistic director of the “Rebuild the Garage Project”, Brown called the show “The Art of the Fire” because she was inspired as an artist by the strange color patterns left on the walls of the garage after the flames went out. .

“A lot of artists feel the same way, I’ve seen people take pictures, even draw, paint,” Brown said.

Other artists are simply responding to the Almeda fire and their own loss. The theme of the art exhibition is ultimately art created because of and inspired by fire, including the building itself. Once the restoration project has begun, the Malmgren garage will once again be transformed.

“All of the interesting patterns and colors will disappear once the building is restored,” Brown said.

The show is scheduled to run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Malmgren Garage, 111 Talent Ave.

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