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Art SUX prepares its first fall collection in its new location | Weekend | Art


The holidays are a great time to paint space mutants or otherworldly creatures with a little too many arms and legs.

At least that’s what Jessica Hammond hopes. The artist, who calls herself “Brutal Doodles”, is best known for her kitsch sci-fi inspired graphic art.

Hammond is one of nearly 20 artists who will participate in the Art SUX Gallery’s Fall Collection Exhibition.

From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Fridays, art lovers can shop for artwork or chat with their favorite artists at the 515 Fourth St. Gallery.

According to Hammond, this is the first major show since Art SUX moved to its current address in July.

“You very rarely see all of the artists in their studios at the same time,” Hammond said. “So the fall show will be pretty cool. “

Indeed, many newbies may be surprised to see the century-old former home of TS Martin & Co. department store transformed into an urban art space.

This is all the more true as until a few years ago the building was used by Karlton’s Men Clothiers, where men could fill their closets with Ralph Lauren shirts and Tommy Bahama clothing.

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Artist Amy Thompson knew the historical significance of the three-story Martin Bloc building in downtown Sioux City.

This is why she and her engineer husband Matt Thompson wanted the space for Art SUX, which they had founded a few years earlier.

“We launched Art SUX in the Ho-Chunk building in 2019,” said Thompson. “But we quickly passed that space.”

When 515 Fourth St. hit the market, she knew the building was perfect.

“We were within walking distance of Gallery 103, Vangarde Arts, the Sioux City Public Museum, and the Sioux City Art Center,” Thompson explained. “All of a sudden, downtown Sioux City had its own little artsy district.”

This was exciting news for Hammond, who enjoys being part of a thriving community.

“Artists tend to stick to themselves a lot,” she said. “Spaces like Art SUX allow us to interact and learn from other artists.”

In her 20s, Hammond said she values ​​the wisdom of artists like Thompson, who have been involved in the art scene for many years.

Plus, she looks forward to interacting with the public at the Art SUX Fall Collection Show on Friday.

“The response I get is always positive,” Hammond said. “I’m really enjoying it.”