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Artifact, bosses, and domain drop rate explained


Among the many controversies Genshin Impact has ever encountered, one of them is the low drop rate. Another would be poor transparency, where there has always been a lack of communication between the developer and the player base. Now collect them and players will have: poor transparency on the sink rate.

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For this reason, many players have come together to submit their data in order to get a feel for Genshin Impactfall rate of. With this information, players should have a better idea of ​​what to expect from their resin spending. Hopefully this will also lead to better management of resources. The original resin is the most crucial currency in Genshin Impact, so it should not be wasted without thinking.


Explanation of Genshin’s impact drop rate

genshin impact azhdaha boss battle hydro element mode

Here, players can see the drop rate for the following content:

  1. Normal bosses
  2. Weekly Bosses
  3. Domains of Artifacts
  4. Material areas of weapon ascension
  5. Hardware Talent Upgrade Areas

To read the table, players should pay attention to the Vary and Medium value.

  • Range: how many items can possibly be obtained.
  • Average: The expected quantity of the item.

For example, if an item has 1-2 in range and 1.50 on average, this translates to: Expect an item to drop on every run (guaranteed), with a 50% chance for one. second fall.

To note: The following information will only include the highest domain dropout rate and global level. These are unofficial rates and are obtained at community gatherings.

Normal bosses

Item Vary Medium
5 Star Artifact 1 1
4 star artefact 1-2 1.47
3-star artefact 2-3 2.10
Wick 2-3 2.15
Fragment 1-2 1.60
Section 0-1 0.14
Gem 0-1 0.014
Exclusive Boss Drop 2-3 2.55

Normal bosses are big enemies that can be found in Genshin Impactis an open world. This includes:

  1. Anemo hypostasis
  2. Cryo hypostasis
  3. Cryo Regisvine
  4. Electro hypostasis
  5. Geo hypostasis
  6. Golden Wolf Lord
  7. Hydro hypostasis
  8. Maguu Kenki
  9. Oceanid
  10. Perpetual Mechanical Network
  11. Primo Geovishap
  12. Pyro hypostasis
  13. Pyro Regisvin
  14. Thunder manifestation

Players must farm these monsters if they wish to mount their Genshin Impact characters.

At the highest Global level (WL 8), travelers are guaranteed a 5-star artifact with every ride. So for people who need boss exclusive artifacts like Gladiator’s Final and Troop of vagabonds, then they must wait until they reach WL 8 to mine.

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Another thing to note from this drop rate is how low the gemstone drops are. This item is only used for a character’s final ascension. The chance to get a gemstone from normal bosses in Genshin Impact is as low as 1.4%.

Weekly Bosses

Item Vary Medium
5 Star Artifact 1-2 1.24
4 star artefact 2-3 2.88
3-star artefact 4-5 4.09
Wick 3-4 3.84
Fragment 2-3 2.04
Section 0-1 0.24
Gem 0-1 0.031
Prototype ticket 0-1 0.12
Talent Upgrade Materials 2-3 2.39
Dream Solvent 0-1 0.325

Unlike normal bosses, players can only get one reward from each weekly boss (each week). This includes:

  1. Andrius
  2. Azhdaha
  3. Child
  4. Dvalin
  5. Signora

At its highest level, players can expect one 5-Star Artifact every round, with some chances of getting two. Just like with Normal Boss, the probability of getting a gem through Weekly Boss is also low, with a chance of 3.1%. This means that on average, players can expect to get a gemstone for every 30 weekly bosses.

During this time, for Genshin Impact‘s Prototype / Ticket, the average drop rate is 12%. This translates to one ticket every 8-9 weekly patrons. It looks good on paper, but it’s actually rarer than that for most people. So, in the end, luck plays the biggest role in obtaining this item.

Domain of the artefact

Item Vary Medium
5 Star Artifact 1-2 1.07
4 star artefact 2-3 2.48
3-star artefact 3-4 3.55

The next drop rate is from Artifact Domains. It is recommended that players start farming Artifacts from Adventure Rank 45, as they are guaranteed to have a 5 Star Artifact every run. Travelers can also get two 5 Star Artifacts simultaneously, but the chances are very low.

Weapon Ascension Material Domain

Object Vary Medium
5 Star Material (Gold) 0-2 0.07
4 star material (Purple) 0-4 0.64
3 star material (Blue) 0-4 2.40
Material 2 stars (Green) 2-3 2.20

Weapon Ascension materials consist of four levels: Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. At the highest level, players would get two greens and two blues on most of their tracks. However, sometimes people will get purple and gold as well. When this happens, they can get 0 blue drops.

However, it is impossible to get 0 blue without purple or gold objects, so travelers shouldn’t worry too much about the range.

Talent level material domain

Item Vary Medium
4 star material (Purple) 0-3 0.23
3 star material (Blue) 0-3 1.97
Material 2 stars (Green) 2-3 2.20

Just like with weapon ascension gear, players will receive an average of two green and two blue items. It is also impossible to get 0 blue drops without getting purple at the same time. However, there is a greater chance of getting the highest level drop, compared to weapon ascension materials.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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