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Atlantic Beach launches competition to design new boardwalk



ATLANTIC BEACH, NC (WNCT) – The City of Atlantic Beach will be launching a design competition for its new boardwalk.

City officials said they hoped it would attract applications from architects from across the country. They are currently in the early stages of developing the competition file.

Items included in the designs are a new promenade, pavilion, new public baths, public art, and historical markers. Atlantic Beach Director of Planning and Development Michelle Eitner said it was a project they had been looking to do for several years.

“Now we have this opportunity to make it really beautiful, functional and durable, and we are excited to seize this opportunity,” said Eitner.

Learn more about the items that will be included in the designs are:

• A new walk. We will replace the existing promenade with a slightly elevated promenade. We will also add more shade and better access to water for people with reduced mobility.
• A deck. We plan to add a multi-purpose pavilion that can serve as a stage for groups, movie nights or events. The area should also be capable of being used as a large gathering space or picnic area when not in other use.
• New public baths. We will replace our old public baths and showers with new versions that are more comfortable and can accommodate larger crowds.
• Public art. We will include fun public art. We envision interactive works of art that can be enjoyed by children and that looks great.
• Historical markers. As we look ahead to the promenade, we want to celebrate our past with historical markers highlighting places and people from the area’s past.

Managers are also interested in offering optional play equipment, a playground, vendor kiosks and classic rides such as a Ferris wheel.

Further updates will be posted on the city’s social media pages when available, officials said.