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Batman gets a helmet and special powers as DC’s new Doctor Fate


Batman wields Doctor Fate’s magical helmet and gets a big power boost as he takes on his son, Damian Wayne, in a new look at Batman vs. Robin #4.

Warning! Spoilers for Batman vs. Robin #4 by DC Comics

In the new DC Comics cover art, Batman gains a massive magic power boost as the hero wields Doctor Fate’s helmet as he confronts Robin. In a new look at Batman vs. Robin #4Batman wears the Helmet of Fate as he attempts to stop his son, Damian Wayne, who has collected some of the greatest magical artifacts in the DC Universe.

Batman has received many power enhancements through magical and divine artifacts and weapons over the years. For example, in the Darkseid War in the pages of Justice League from DC Comics, Batman sat in the New God’s Mobius Chair, creating the most powerful version of the hero yet. However, Batman will don the Helmet of Fate to stop his son Damian Wayne, who has teamed up with Mother Soul and the devil Nezha as he plays with magic across the DC Universe. In the process, Batman will seemingly become DC’s new Doctor Fate with incredible hero powers.


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In a brand new preview for batman versus robin #4 by Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar, the new cover art features Batman getting a massive magic power upgrade while wearing Doctor Fate’s helmet, one of the most powerful magic items in the universe. Batman, who tried to learn magic before taking over, battles his son, Damian Wayne, as the series’ first issue revealed Robin working alongside the devil Nezha and Mother Soul while keeping them together. helping to assemble magic artifacts and causing serious problems for magic users. To battle his out-of-control son, Batman will obtain the Helmet of Fate in what is shaping up to be an epic battle.

Interestingly, Batman’s Fate helmet has pointy ears, which begs the question of whether the helmet is Doctor Fate’s or a variation of the magic item. Doctor Fate’s helmet has already changed shape, as it will in the next black adam movie in the DCEU, so it’s possible he simply adapted to Batman’s cowl. Check out the synopsis of batman versus robin #4.

With the Devil Nezha pulling the strings and the incredible transforming power about to explode into the world, our heroes have no choice but to do the unthinkable: fall back! DC’s battle between father and son goes global as Earth enters Planet Lazarus!

What’s next for Batman vs. Robin? Stay tuned for Batman vs. Robin #5, and more, in January 2023! The world will change forever!

Considering how many weapons and magical artifacts Robin has assembled, and how he’s already sidelined most magic users in the DC Universe, taking him down won’t be an easy task. However, with Doctor Fate’s helmet and incredible powers, Batman has a fighting chance no matter what sorcery is thrown at it. batman versus robin #4 hits comic shops on December 20, 2022.