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Best Artifacts From Warhammer 40K MTG Commander Decks


Magic: The Gathering’s recent collaboration with Warhammer 40,000 has spawned four new Commander decks brimming with new cards. Thanks to the Necron Dynasties Commander Deck, which focuses on the robotic Necron faction, Artifacts make up a sizable portion of these cards in one form or another.

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Artifacts can be very powerful cards when in the hands of the right player. Warhammer decks certainly deliver on this front, with several cards looking like they could have a lasting impact on the format.


10/10 Rampager Titan

While it might be a clunky card, sitting at a generic seven mana to cast, Reaver Titan has a lot going for it below the surface. Most notably, her Void Shields ability grants her protection against all cards with a converted mana cost of three or less. This makes him immune to a huge amount of suppression spells that see a large amount of play.

Then there’s the damage the Reaver Titan can inflict. It’s a 10/10, which is pretty impressive. But when he attacks, he automatically deals five damage directly to each opponent. Reaver Titan may look like an average card on the surface, but when you dig deeper it’s one of the best vehicles in the Warhammer additions.

9/10 Staff of Eternal Glory

Anyone who uses Gilded Lotus in their monochromatic Commander decks just received a better and cheaper replacement. Costing four generic mana, Staff of Eternal Glory taps for one mana of any color or three of any color if you control three lands of the same name. In a monochrome deck, you’re almost guaranteed to already have three lands of the same name when you cast Scepter.

Scepter of Eternal Glory might sneak into every monochrome commander deck in the future.

8/10 caged sun

With many new cards printed with Warhammer 40,000 Commander decks, there were still a handful of reprints that were nice to see, and Caged Sun was one of them.

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It might be a slow burn card, as it sits at generic six mana, but it has some great advantages once it’s in play. Its creature boost with a single color of your choice makes it a great choice for monochromatic decks. Tapping for extra mana is always a good perk, as it can help you get into those big hitters even earlier.

7/10 Dominion Convergence

Convergence of Dominion is a card printed only for use in Commander, as it can only be used effectively when you have control of your Commander. With its Dynastic Command Node ability, all cards in your graveyard have their activated abilities reduced by two. You can even pump your graveyard by self-milling yourself with the Translocation Protocols ability.

Paired with a card like Ghost Ark (more on that soon), all of your card discovery abilities only cost one mana to activate. Although a bit strong on its own, Convergence of Dominion will quickly spiral out of control when properly paired.

6/10 ghost ark

Another artifact vehicle, Ghost Ark costs four generic mana and is 3/3 after crew. That’s not what makes it great, though. When Phantom Ark becomes a crew, all artifact creature cards in your graveyard gain unearth 3.

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If you cast the new and very strong Biotransfer enchantment with Ghost Ark, then all of your creatures become artifacts and can therefore be brought back with unearth. With such a high ceiling, Ghost Ark could very well be the best printed vehicle in Warhammer 40,000 decks.

5/10 The Golden Throne

There’s so much going on with The Golden Throne, making it one of the best artifacts in the Warhammer series. The first is his signature art, done by legendary Warhammer artist John Blanche. Second, his ability to save you from death with his Arcane Life-support ability.

Most important is the One Thousand Souls Die Daily tapped ability, which requires you to sacrifice a creature to gain three mana in any color assortment. This ability will spread through a deck rich in token creatures and see activation almost every turn. It’s a great card that can both fix mana issues and ramp up power at the same time.

4/10 Resurrection Orb

Resurrection Orb is going to be a threat in the right Commander deck. Costing two generic mana and four to equip, it grants lifelink to the equipped creature. But that’s not all; the equipment’s resurrection aspect will make it a problem when the equipped creature returns to the battlefield on the next end step.

Put in a deck with a card like Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale, and you can keep your biggest threats indefinitely if played correctly.

3/10 Triarch Stalker

It’s horrible to be targeted by everyone while playing a Commander game, and Triarch Stalker has only made it worse. With its targeting relay ability, you can choose an opponent, and until your next turn, all creatures attacking that player gain threat. This means that the more players there are, the harder Triarch Stalker will hit.

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In a large enough game, this card’s ability can be a death sentence, throwing a gigantic target at any player affected by it. Even the strongest deck can only survive wave after wave of menacing attacking creatures for so long.

2/10 Anrakyr the traveler

If Bolas Citadel was a creature, it would be Anrakyr the Traveler. With his Lord of the Pyrrhic Legions ability, whenever he attacks, you may pay life equal to a card’s mana cost to cast artifact cards from your graveyard and your hand. It’s only a matter of time before a powerful combo comes out of this card’s ability.

This is yet another reason why Biotransfer is one of the best cards in the Warhammer lot. Combined with this, it allows you to cast any creature in your hand or graveyard. Throw the Resurrection Orb at Anrakyr the Traveler to make sure he comes back if he’s killed while attacking for added safety as well.

1/10 Trazyn the Infinite

Trazyn the Infinite is not only one of the most powerful cards in Warhammer, but it will also be the most fun to play. His Prismatic Gallery ability, which gives him the activated abilities of all artifact cards in your graveyard, will lead to some wacky and really powerful combos.

Staff of Domination and any mana boulder that taps for two or more mana in your graveyard is infinite mana with Trazyn the Infinite. This is just one of the countless ways this card will open up the game. Pair it with the wonderful biotransfer already mentioned and the options are endless.

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