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Best Brothers War Artifacts in MTG


The Brother War is upon us and covers one of the most significant conflicts in Magic: The Gathering history as brothers Urza and Mishra clash. With the two Artificers battling, there’s an influx of new Artifacts that are sure to change the landscape of Magic going forward.

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Artifacts can be some of the most powerful cards in Magic: The Gathering. When used correctly, they can turn a game on its head. Brothers’ War does not disappoint in that it brings incredible artifacts to create powerful new decks and combos or add to the ones you love so much.


10/10 Symmetry Matrix

Symmetry Matrix

Small but good, Symmetry Matrix lets you pay generic mana to draw a card if a creature with power equal to its toughness enters the battlefield under your control. It might not be a game-changer, but it will give you a huge advantage.

It should be mentioned that it is not limited to once per round. As many times as a creature with equal power and toughness enters the battlefield, you may activate the ability. Since it works with creature tokens as well as normal creatures, any deck that has a heavy tokenization aspect will benefit greatly from the Symmetry Matrix.

9/10 Urza Sylex

Urza Sylex

For two generics and two white mana, you can exile Urza’s Sylex to destroy everything on the board except six lands that each player chooses themselves. This is great if you need a good escape plan from an overwhelming board. While exiled, you may pay two additional generic mana to search your library for a planeswalker card and put it into your hand.

This exile ability is where Urza’s Sylex shines. Simply because you don’t need to activate that card’s ability to exile it and repeat the ability to fetch a planeswalker. Flickering, which is the act of exile a card and returning it to the battlefield, will allow you to use this ability as much as you want, which could greatly turn the tide of a game.

Massive shapeshifter

Prototype is a new ability introduced with Brothers’ War that lets you cast a card for less mana, but for a weaker build. This ability is also going to be repeated quickly by those familiar with the many flicker effects, because when these prototype cards are brought back after being flickered, they arrive in their most powerful form, not the prototype form. This is going to allow a lot of cheap casts to get stronger for a lot less.

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Hulking Metamorph has a pretty high cost at nine generic mana, but getting to a 7/7 and copying whatever other strong artifact you have there is big. Even for its prototype ability, a 3/3 is by no means a bad creature when copying another powerful artifact.

7/10 The Stasis Coffin

The Stasis Coffin

It’s a card that’s going to be very boring in the right hands. Stasis Coffin lets you pay two generic mana to exile it and receive protection from everything until your next turn. While it won’t protect your creatures, it will definitely keep your life total sitting nicely. In a big game of Commander, this could easily save your life.

Pair it with Karn, the Grand Creator, and you can pick it up in exile to use turn after turn to shield you from anything.

6/10 Rootwire Amalgam

Rootwire Amalgam

Another card with the prototype ability, Rootwire Amalgam has the potential to be a really big hitter. Costing five generic mana, it comes in the form of a 5/5. However, its activated ability requires you to sacrifice Rootwire Amalgam to create an X/X colorless Golem artifact creature token, where its power and toughness are three times its base power. This means you have a 15/15 with the rush to go all out on your opponent.

Since the required mana is green, chances are you can reach this one very quickly in the right game.

5/10 Phyrexian Fleshpit

Phyrexian Fleshpit

Phyrexian Fleshgorger is yet another prototype card. For seven generic mana, Phyrexian Fleshgorger comes as a 7/5 with protection, threat, and lifelink, which is a huge combo.

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Again, this is a card that can be played cheaply with its prototype cost and sparkled to bring the strongest build on a budget. His life cost equal to his power is a great way to keep opponents from messing with him as well, especially in Standard where it’s a third of your starting life total.

4/10 The stone brain

The stone brain

Chances are that this card or Karn, the Great Creator may be banned in some formats in the future. The combo created by Karn and The Stone Brain is going to be very strong. Stone Brain lets you pay two generic mana to exile it, name any card, and search your opponent’s hand, graveyard, and library for up to four cards with the same name to exile them. . Any card name means you can target lands if you want. Your opponent is playing Tron against you, so go for it.

What makes it so strong is that Karn will have the ability to pick it up from exile and allow you to do it over and over again, removing any strong card from your opponents as you see fit.

3/10 Portal to Phyrexia

Portal to Phyrexia

Portal To Phyrexia is a very powerful artifact that causes each opponent to sacrifice three creatures upon entering the battlefield and lets you draw a creature from any graveyard onto the battlefield each turn. Here’s the kicker – this sacrifice ability is triggered whenever this artifact enters the battlefield. Yet another card that will have the potential to be used again and again by flicker effects.

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Also, it’s not a legendary artifact. This means you can copy it or play more than one, which will stack the ability to fetch the strongest creatures from any graveyard.

2/10 Mishra, lost to Phyrexia

Mishra, lost to Phyrexia

One of the few fusion cards that is brought back into Brother’s War, Mishra makes the work worth it. First, to earn Mishra, Lost To Phyrexia, you must play both Phyrexian Dragon Engine and Mishra, Claimed by Gix, both of which are good cards on their own.

If you’re lucky, you might get Mishra, Lost To Phyrexia on turn five, which is essentially game over for your opponent thanks to the very powerful abilities you can choose from when they enter the battlefield or attack. Not to mention that it comes in the form of a 9/9. Mishra, Lost To Phyrexia is worth the effort to go there.

1/10 Liberator, Urza’s Battlethopter

Battlethopter Liberator Urzas

Liberator, Urza’s Battlethopter is not only a great card, but it also has strong potential as a good commander in the right artifact deck. With a low mana cost of three generic mana, it can be played at any time thanks to its flash ability. An ability he then gives to all colorless spells and artifact spells while he’s on the battlefield.

This ability can also be enhanced by casting spells with higher mana costs than Liberator, Urza’s Battlethopter. At first glance, this card might not look like much, but all the positives it gives you when available are just too hard to ignore.

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