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Brothers War Retro Frame Artifacts: List and Information


The Brothers War set brings us all kinds of cool goodies, and the one we’re very excited to see is the Brothers War Retro Frame Artifacts. These are also known as Old Brother’s War Frontier Artifacts or Brother’s War Mystical Archive Maps. In this article, you will find the complete list of these cards, as well as all the information to obtain them, and much more!

There’s a lot to talk about, so we better cut to the chase.

What are Brothers’ War Retro Frame Artifacts?

These are various artifacts from Magic’s past, which appear in most Brother’s War booster packs. They all have the retro frame, hence the name. In total, there are 63 retro frame artifacts of various rarities (rare, uncommon and mythical) and they work the same way as the Mystical Archive cards in Strixhaven. The cards feature a special set symbol:

Here is a brief summary of the products containing the Retro Frame Artifacts:

Different versions

Retro Frame Artifacts come in three versions:

  • Regular retro frames
  • Retro patterns
  • Back-serialized schemas

Let’s take a look at each of these groups.

Regular Retro Frame Artifacts

First up we have the regular retro frame artifacts. These are the most common versions, and to this day will use their old artwork, albeit in the old frame. Here is an example :

Howling Mine Brothers War Retro Artifacts Frame

Retro patterns

The special version are the retro schematics, which have new art. Although they obviously mimic the original artwork, they are made in schematic form. To quote wizards; this work echoes a diagram that one would use to construct one’s own artefact.

Howling Mine Borhters War Old Frame Artifacts

Back-serialized schemas

But wait, that’s not all. There are also retro schemes that come with a serial number. For each of the 63 cards, there will be 500 numbered ones. These are likely to be highly sought after, with some large numbers perhaps fetching an even higher premium.

Wurmcoil Serialized Numbered Retro Artifacts Brothers War

Retro serialized schematics will only appear occasionally in Collector Boosters, and they will have a special aluminum treatment, called double rainbow.

The Artifacts of the Brothers War Retro Frame – List

Out of 63 retro frame artifacts, 6 were spoiled. It’s 4.8%, so there’s still plenty to preview. You can find all of the currently known ones below:

Retro Schemes – List

Here is another list of cards, this time you will find the schematic versions:

How do I get the Brothers War Retro Frame Artifacts?

You can obtain the Brothers’ War Retro frame card from the three main Brothers’ War booster packs:

Much like the Mystical Archive maps, these retro frame artifacts will appear in all Draft or Set booster. Having a 100% chance of getting a Retro Artifact Card is pretty impressive. In the following table you will find the number you can expect in a specific booster box.

We don’t have the exact number of Collector boosters yet. The ones above are based on odds from the Strixhaven Mystic Records, which seem the most likely.


That’s all we know about Brothers’ War Retro frame artifacts so far. You can expect more information on October 27, when we have more spoilers and information on the war of brothers.

At the start of the article, we mentioned that this set brings all sorts of cool goodies. Retro frame artifacts are just one of those things. For the first time ever, Transformer is collaborating with Magic. You can find all MTG Transformer cards here.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Until next time, have fun and may you crack open your favorite retro artifact in your Brothers’ War booster.