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Casey ’23, intern at the Whitney Museum, learns the art of storytelling – News


Caroline Casey ’23 spent the summer working as an intern at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. She shares what brought her to this position and how it helped solidify her career goals.

Describe the work you do at the Whitney Museum.

I work in the communications office. My job primarily involves diligently monitoring all press for mentions of the Whitney as an institution, current and upcoming exhibitions, and affiliated artists. Beyond the Whitney, I also point to articles and announcements about NYC and the international art world that I think the communications department should be listening to.

What attracted you to this internship?

Last semester, as my connection with the Department of Women and Gender Studies deepened, I realized that my passion and interest is truly rooted in a love for intentional, inclusive, and nuanced storytelling. I started looking for internships at museums and contemporary art galleries where historically underrepresented artists have a stage to showcase their work. I feel incredibly lucky to have been accepted into Whitney’s internship program.

What work was required to obtain this position?

During the spring semester, I did a lot of research to find museums where I felt connected to the mission and leaned on everyone I knew who was connected remotely in the field to find the opportunity. the most appropriate.

What was your favorite part of the internship?

The Office of People and Culture at the Whitney has done a phenomenal job of creating a series of lectures for interns. Once or twice a week, all the interns get together to hear from some of the most experienced members of staff. They tell us about their personal career paths and job responsibilities, and they pass on any wisdom that might be helpful to those of us who are about to enter the workforce.

Major: Women’s and Gender Studies
Hometown: Denver, Colorado.
High School: Kent Denver School

What did you learn in this position?

All in all, I’ve learned to really appreciate all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into operating and maintaining a museum, especially a museum like the Whitney that has tremendous cultural significance. Most of us enter museums as visitors, consuming the art and exhibits presented to us and never considering all the care and strategic planning that is required. But behind the galleries of everyone’s favorite museums, there are a multitude of employees who maintain and advance the institution.

How does this internship relate to your career goals?

My time at the Whitney solidified my interest in a career in art museums. Of all that I have witnessed during my internship, it is art museums, especially contemporary art museums, where significant resources and special attention are given to the type of intentional and inclusive storytelling that I want to be a part of.