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City Council discusses additional park-related plans, put to vote on October 12 | KAMR


AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR / KCIT) – Along with the approval of the City of Amarillo Parks and Recreation master plan at Tuesday’s city council meeting, the council heard from officials about two additional plans that could have an additional impact on the department, as well as on the city. a whole, on the road.

Amarillo city council heard information about the public art and beautification plan, as well as the city’s hiking and biking master plan, at Tuesday’s meeting. These individual plans are expected to be voted on by council at the next regular city council meeting on October 12.

Amarillo City Manager Jared Miller said it was important for council to hear about the two plans, as well as the overall parks plan, at Tuesday’s meeting.

“These plans are stand-alone plans, but they’re also an integral part of how we develop the parks master plan,” Miller told council at the meeting.

Public art and beautification plan

Cindy Mendoza, director of parks and recreation at MIG Consulting, also helped the city with these two stand-alone plans, as well as the master plan for the parks and recreation department. She said the public art and beautification plan will help strengthen and coordinate the city’s initiatives around these two elements.

This plan should help create an intention for the city to create a sustainable public art and beautification program, Mendoza said. This includes creating a nonprofit foundation to oversee efforts and raise funds for the program, as well as creating a separate department for these initiatives. Other stages of the vision include installing art projects throughout the city and integrating the arts into park facilities.

To implement the vision, the Public Arts and Beautification Advisory Council, which helped create the plan, helped create a three-year action plan that would help the overall goal move forward. ‘before. This plan was based on an estimated budget of $ 60,000 that would go to the program each year.

If the board votes in favor of the public art and beautification plan, the first year portion of the action plan would begin with using the funds to continue the organization’s efforts, such as the mural grant project. and various neighborhood clean-up events.

As the action plan enters years two and three, Mendoza said the plan will increase, continuing the expected funding of $ 60,000, expanding and maintaining the program.

“Then in the second year, (we expect) the same amount of funding, but (plan to reallocate) towards the creation of the Arts and Beautification staff position, with the staff then able to start.” to mobilize efforts to increase funding and resources for the arts, “she said.” Then in the third year, that’s where you bring in the 1% ordinance… which brings in different sources of funding. new fundraising initiatives There is more understanding of partnerships and relationships to move forward on some new art installations, programs and beautification projects.

Master plan for hiking and biking

The hiking and biking master plan would be a collaboration between several departments, Mendoza said, including the city’s public works department and the parks and recreation department. The different perspectives of the different departments would help to implement a broader vision of the trails for the city of Amarillo.

This vision, which includes a future plan to link the various Amarillo regional parks together, would take some time, Mendoza said. The focus on trails and connecting various parks with the trails came from data, both from a survey conducted by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department as well as from state-level data.

“This recognizes the fact that we would really like to connect these regional parks that you have in the city to improve the possibilities for walking and cycling at these regional parks,” she said.

Along with this future vision, there are certain priority projects that the City of Amarillo would focus on, should the plan ultimately be approved by council. These projects include:

  • Construction of bike paths and the start of the Ninth Avenue trailhead;
  • Extend the Rock Island Trail to Medical Center Park, downtown and John Stiff Park;
  • Establish a city-wide street cycling network;
  • Build a north to south trail backbone that connects to regional parks;
  • Renovation of the Tornado Alley BMX circuit.