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Connect with arts and history at the Utah Renaissance Faire


LEHI, Utah – The first thing you might have wondered if you attended the Utah Renaissance Faire opening today in Lehi is “what are all these kids doing outside of school?”

It’s a good question. The children were there as part of their schools’ education day. The fair’s sponsor invites classrooms across Utah to learn about the Renaissance period through games and quests.

More than 12,000 people are expected for the two-day event, which marks the tenth anniversary of the festival. Gayle Dowdle, who plays Queen Elizabeth I at the Tudor court, says fostering children is her favorite part.

“Honestly, little girls are the best,” Dowdle told KSL NewsRadio. “Because I’m super bright, because I’m Queen Elizabeth!” The little girls approach and their eyes light up!

“They want to do tasks for me, and they want to help me defeat the Spanish Armada by recruiting mermaids.”

The fair is part of the Utah Valley Fine Arts Council, which wants to help families connect with arts and history.

If you go there on a Friday night, you want to be sure to look up to the sky.

“We have a free concert in the evening, with a fire, followed by a 150 synchronized drone show,” said Richard Thurman, the festival’s founder.

“They will make dragons in the sky.”

Simone Seikaly contributed to this report.

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