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Continuation of the romantic and fashion rendezvous, mixed with art | Fashion trends



One thing everyone can relate to is the word love, and ace designer Gaurav Gupta has just taken it up a notch with his latest collection presented at India Couture Week 2021, hosted by the Fashion Design Council of India in association with Hindustan Times. The virtual fashion show, titled Universal Love, evoked emotionally and sartorial perfection in more ways than one. With a unique take on bridal couture, the film’s narrative was clear and resonated with a lot. The designer known for his structural pieces showcased stunning outfits, dripping metallic colors and flowing shapes throughout the storyline.

Gaurav Gupta’s Cosmic Gray Lehenga

The couture collection is the precedence of its previous show, which was nothing less than a movement – Name is Love. Following the same path, this year’s show features a myriad of aspects of love. A gay couple, a lesbian couple, a couple with an obvious age difference light up the screen basking in the glory of the GG sets and leaving us smiling with a warm feeling of love and acceptance. Along with this, the show also displays curves in harmony with the embellished concentric curves on the clothes.

Featuring a lesbian couple in galactic outfits embroidered in neptune blue
Featuring a lesbian couple in galactic embroidered outfits in neptune blue

Taking love and fashion to the universe, the collection is inspired by the vast universal elements. Like the blingy stars above us all, add a shameless and much-needed sparkle to outfits. The silhouettes mimic the axis and movement of planets from the sky, the embroidery reflects the racing comets and galactic features. The retina-inducing rush of clothing exudes magnificence, as does the universe, justifying the title of the couture film.

The color scheme also communicated the brand’s ethos and the designer’s signature style. Asteroid pink, cosmic purple and neptune blue dresses, cosmic gray lehenga painted the show from start to finish. Bolder and sexier men’s outfit, perfectly styled for the brand’s statement. Contrasting black and white jackets, with lines on the front. Sculpted metallic accents on tuxedos and flared pants completed the look.

The models rearing up on our screen look nothing less than an artistically created sculpture. Towards the end of the presentation, the models come out in the dark, a perfect ending for a perfect presentation.

Contrasting tuxedo set for men, with metallic details
Contrasting tuxedo set for men, with metallic details