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Crimebeat funding for a street art project in Bangor


Crimebeat funding was recently given to West End Academy for a street art project in Bangor.

Thanks to High Sheriff’s of Gwynedd and Clwyd Crimebeat, grants of up to £ 500 are available to support young people in their crime prevention and citizenship initiatives.

The West End Academy project included children aged six and up to learn about street art, design their own pieces and take an active role in creating a graffiti mural in their club in youth.

Senior Sheriff Gwyn Owen and former High Sheriff Eryl Williams visited the project and were both very impressed with the work done with local youth.

Well-known graffiti artist Andy Birch, also known as ‘Dime One’, taught young people street art skills to create their own designs and also work on a larger mural. The mural continued to the youth club’s storage container which can be viewed by all club users.

Sergeant Dana Baxter said, “Initiatives like this are a great way to bring organizations together to tackle any local issues and build a sense of community pride.

“It’s great to see the dedication of the young people in the region who all worked hard to create the mural. It gave them a fun project to participate in over the summer vacation as well as the opportunity to show off their creativity ”.

Dave Evans, on behalf of Crimebeat, said: “It was great to have the opportunity to take on the High Sheriff to see this project and meet the young people involved. They were so excited about their involvement and they also took the opportunity to talk to the High Sheriff about his work!

“On behalf of Crimebeat, I would like to thank the youth for their enthusiasm and to Natalie Robb, Sergeant Dana Baxter and Andy Birch for their invaluable work supporting youth.”

Natalie Robb from Westend Academy said: “Andy ‘Dime One’ Birch was great with the kids for our graffiti street art workshop today thanks to Crime Beat North Wales grant supported by Police and Community Trust .

“We are very honored to have received a visit from past and present Senior Sheriffs of Gwynedd & Anglesey with Dave Evans, PACT Project Manager.

“His Majesty’s High Sheriff Gwyn Owen was an absolute delight with our Hwb members and enjoyed laughing and joking with them outside while watching them paint.

“He was fascinated to hear all about our youth skills club and hear how it all started and find out about the history of Westend Academy and what we are doing here and for our community in Bangor… he didn’t want to leave and really wants to come back!

“Thanks to everyone who got involved… kids, volunteers, parents, PACT, Her Majesty’s High Sheriff! And of course the wonderful Andy from Dime One !!! First class. “