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Dragon Ball Fan Creates Wild Goku Art Gallery


Dragon Ball’s Goku has been a part of the anime medium for decades, with the hero Shonen still standing front and center in the pages of Dragon Ball Super manga. While Son Goku will be training off-world this summer Dragon Ball Super: Super heroesThe film that will see Gohan and Piccolo take on the resurrected Red Ribbon Army and their nefarious new androids, the Saiyan brawler has gone viral thanks to a fan artist’s incredible renditions of the anime’s protagonist going up against strange adversaries.

While Goku may not be the star of Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes, the Z-Fighter and Vegeta are at the center of the fight against the Heeters in the Granolah The Survivor arc currently taking place in the pages of the Shonen manga. As the current arc travels to the past for Goku to learn more about his father, Bardock, the villainous Gas seeks to wipe both the Saiyans and the intergalactic bounty hunter from the face of the Earth. With Son still working on perfecting Ultra Instinct, this arc could usher in a new era of power for the Z-Fighter.

Twitter artist Venom Moe has shared these hilarious new images of Son Goku, with the painter stating that “every time they lose an argument, they’ll paint Goku” which has created some wild artwork that has gone viral with the dragonball character that first arrived in the 1980s:

There are currently no plans to Dragon Ball Super, and Goku, to return to the small screen after the original series’ conclusion with the Tournament of Power finale, though there’s certainly plenty of material from the manga for the show to adapt to each time it returns. . As the Granolah The Survivor arc continues to unfold, it will be interesting to see if Son is able to evolve as he battles against Gas while learning more about his heritage within the Saiyan race.

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