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Egypt has repatriated around 30,000 ancient objects in 10 years Рofficial РSoci̩t̩ & Culture


CAIRO, December 12. / TASS /. Over the past 10 years, Cairo has succeeded in returning around 30,000 ancient objects, illegally taken out of the country at different times, the head of the repatriation department of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Shaaban Abdel- told on television on Saturday. Gawad.

According to the official, the department follows “auctions and internet sales around the world.”

“Since 2011, the Egyptian state has managed to repatriate 29,300 artefacts,” he said. “In this year alone, 5,300 artefacts from ancient Egypt have been unearthed at the Museum of the Bible in Washington. “

All contraband artifacts have been recorded in the archives and repatriation work is ongoing, he said.

The official explained that the repatriated artifacts are being restored and will then be exhibited in museums. One of these artefacts is an ancient human skeleton discovered in Belgium, currently on display at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo.

Recently, Egypt embarked on a campaign to repatriate ancient smuggled artifacts. In 1983, the Arab Republic strengthened its legislation on the protection of artefacts: the export of objects of cultural heritage is currently punishable by law. According to authorities, around 95% of the smuggled antiquities were unearthed by illegal archaeologists.

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