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Episode 8 shows the importance of magic items


Naofumi Iwatani has faced many challenges during his tenure as the ill-fated Hero of the Shield, from betrayal at the royal court of Melromarc to the wrath of the Church to being separated from his party of adventurers a times arrived in a whole new isekai world in Season 2. The odds are against Naofumi again, but he’s got the right gear for the job.

Any adventurer in the isekai anime of a Dungeons & Dragons-esque campaigning needs the right tools, and Naofumi has more than just his shields to rely on. He and his new friend Kazayama Kizuna can put potions, magic stones, and dragon hourglasses to good use, and they might reap unexpected rewards for using them. That’s what it takes to defeat Kyo Ethnina and his minions.

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In this new world, Naofumi’s party suffers many penalties, from Filo the missing faithful Filolial to Naofumi, Rishia Ivyred and Raphtalia the level 1 reset tanuki girl. Even Kizuna’s help is not enough for Naofumi to defeat Kyo Ethnina the villain or even L’Arc Berg, if it comes to that. Once again, Naofumi has to rely on his wits and ingenious thinking as an underdog isekai hero to succeed, just like at the beginning of Season 1, and Kizuna knows that too.

Luckily for both of them, Naofumi and Kizuna have access to magical items such as potions and enchanted rocks, and in Episode 8, the two isekai heroes experiment with these vital artifacts to see what might happen. To their surprise, any given item will have a different effect on each of them, ranging from boosting weapon damage to healing or getting a stack of XP. Both characters are understandably excited about this, as they can tinker with their stats and abilities to use unexpected techniques in battle against their most powerful foes. Naofumi and Kizuna might even surprise each other with what they can do when taking advantage of their potions and magic stones – and they have even more upsides on top of all that.

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Another, even greater magic item promises to even the odds for the desperate group of Naofumi and Kizuna in the multi-world battle against Kyo Ethnina: the Dragon Hourglasses. Not only do these hourglasses count until the next wave, but the hourglasses in the world of The Arc can also serve as teleport points, making them far more useful than their counterparts in the realm of Melromarc. These magic items now rank among the most useful Naofumi has access to, although he needs Kizuna’s help to activate them.

As the Cardinal Hero, Kizuna can use what is called the Return Dragon Vein to teleport via these dragon hourglasses, and she intends to use the Mikakage Nation’s one to warp her entire party to Sikul, the friendly nation that had summoned it to begin with. . Traveling to Sikul on foot would prove a slow and dangerous quest for a low-level party like Naofumi’s, so with Kizuna’s help, these dragon hourglasses will make all the difference and bring Naofumi closer to her goals. He doesn’t have access to Rage Shield or Filo’s offensive power, so those magical artifacts are essential. However, he will have to reach one first, and brand new enemies will stand in his way. It will be far from easy.

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