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Exhibition “A tavola con Gio Ponti” ALCA Maglie Museum


Cintya Concari and Roberto Marcatti of RMA STUDIO in Milan, with Salvatore Licitra Archive by Gio Pontiare responsible for the staging and curating of the beautiful exhibition entitled “A table with Gio Ponti. Gli angeli apparecchiano” (A table with Gio Ponti. The angels set the table) is currently taking place at ALCA Museum of paleontology in Maglie until September 30. Strengthened by their strong relationship with the territory of Puglia, where they have been organizing exhibitions for ten years, to the point of receiving the Prize for Mercatino del Gusto award as ambassadors of the culture of Puglia, the curators have proposed to local institutions an exhibition project dedicated to one of the most important architects of the 20th century, who created one of his most important works in Puglia: the Cathedral of the Mother of God in Taranto.
In search of new visions and links between ancient and contemporary, the exhibition takes place in the evocative halls of the ALCA Paleontology Museum of Maglie, one of the hundred most innovative museums in Italy, and is presented by the Polo Biblio-Museale di Lecce with the Puglia Region, the Municipality of Maglie and the Mercatino del Gusto association, with the sponsorship of the ADI and the Orders of Architects of Lecce and Milan. The exhibition interacts with the museum’s prehistoric finds, bringing the designer’s vision to the public’s attention through the exhibits designed by Gio Ponti. Emphasizing the continuity between tradition and innovation, the shapes, colors and decorations of the objects linked to the daily ritual of the table and conviviality aim to introduce the public to the Italian architect/designer and his attention to the craftsmanship and traditional Mediterranean culture.
The creations of Gio Ponti“, say the conservatives”contribute to highlighting the diversities of our society and the need to express them through the culture of design”.
The exhibition is complemented by a catalog with important contributions from designers and theoreticians.

(Agnes Bifulco)

Title of the exhibition: “A tavola con Gio Ponti. Gli angeli apparecchiano”
curated by Cintya Concari & Roberto Marcatti – RMA STUDIO Milan, with Salvatore Licitra from the Gio Ponti Archive
Exhibition design: Cintya Concari and Roberto Marcatti – RMA STUDIO Milan
Date: August 1 – September 30, 2022
Location: Museo ALCA, Maglie (LE), Italy
Photo: Daniele Coricciati