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Fortnite alien artifact week 6 locations



They are five Fortnite Week 6 Alien Artifact Locations that you can find and collect. However, all five are in fairly obscure places, possibly more so than in any of the previous weeks. Almost none of them are in named locations, and all of them are in weird corners of the map that you might never think of looking at. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you where to find the week 6 alien artifact locations.

Fortnite alien artifact week 6 locations

Where to find the week 6 locations of alien artifacts in Fortnite

To find the Fortnite week 6 alien artifact locations, you need to visit five different locations, as we’ve already mentioned. Interestingly, most of these are outside of named POIs, as you won’t necessarily see the names of the areas on the map, which makes things a bit trickier than usual. If you follow the directions and the map below, you should be fine. Let’s dive in.

  • In the northwest corner of the map, north of Coral Castle, there is a large lighthouse called Lockie Lighthouse. The artifact is in the white hangar next to the lighthouse.
  • West of the Corny complex there is a sort of large barn and the artifact will float among the rafters.
  • Open the map and look for a small patch of purple trees between Steamy Stacks and Dirty Docks. The artifact will be among these trees.
  • Meet at the Base Camp Hotel in the snow capped mountains east of Catty Corner and southeast of Retail Row. Find the elevated building in the camp area; the artifact will be there, next to the telescope and a chest.
  • Finally, we go to the island of Orelia in the southwest of the map. This is the small island southwest of Misty Meadows. Look for the artifact in the lower levels of the castle ruins.
where to find fortnite week 6 alien artifact locations
Week 6 Alien Artifact Locations (click or tap to enlarge)

So these are the locations of Fortnite week 6 alien artifacts. If you still don’t know what the artifacts are for, well, do you know that Kymera skin you got when you bought the season pass? Well, there are many ways you can customize it. However, each thing you modify spends a resource which you get by collecting alien artifacts. So it’s your turn to collect!