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Genshin Impact Xiao Artifacts, Weapons, and Team Guide


Adeptus Xiao, also known as The Vigilant Yaksha, has been one of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact since its release in updated version 1.3. First appearing in the Chapter 1, Act 1 story quest, “From Earth Amid Monoliths”, Xiao has become increasingly popular due to his unique playstyle which focuses heavily on plunging attack damage. He also has a health reduction mechanic that activates when using his Elemental Burst, “Bane of All Evil”.

Due to Xiao’s wide range of talents and adaptable playstyles, many players will find it difficult to decide how to build Xiao to get the most out of him. Everyone has their own idea of ​​what will work best, whether using it primarily as a main DPS or as a sub-DPS, with each having their own different versions. Throughout these, there are a few major DPS builds that stand out. It would be an Anemo DPS version and a Burst DPS version.

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Xiao’s Best Artifact Sets in Genshin Impact

When building Xiao as a primary DPS, an Anemo DPS build is a viable option for those who want to focus on his elemental skills and elemental reactions. To get the most out of Anemo’s damage from his Elemental Skill and Burst, players will want to give Xiao a Sands of Eon Attack, Anemo Damage Goblet, and Crit Rate or Damage Circle . For sub stats, a high attack percentage is a must on every artifact piece, while having at least 120% energy cooldown is essential to keep its elemental skill cooldown low. Follow this with the Crit Rate and Crit Damage sub stats.

For those who want to give Xiao a more focused version of his elemental burst, have a Sands of Eon attack alongside an Anemo damage attack or goblet followed by a crit rate or damage circle is the way to go. With a Burst DPS build, it’s essential to focus on the Critical Rate and Critical Damage sub-stats. Attack percentage and energy recharge are secondary.

Best Artifact Sets for Xiao as DPS Anemo is a split build between a two-part Attack Percentage set – players can choose between Gladiator’s Endgame, Shimenawa’s Resistance, Echoes of an Offering or the Vermillion Afterlife – and a two-part viridescent Venerer, which is found in the Valley of Remembrance just south of Wolvendom. As a Burst DPS, players should focus on getting a four-piece set of Vermillion Hereafter. In two pieces, it increases Xiao’s attack by 18%. However, it’s the four-piece set that really brings out the best in Xiao. Vermillion Hereafter as a four-piece set increases Xiao’s attack by an additional eight percent for six seconds after his Elemental Burst is activated. When Xiao’s HP naturally decreases, his attack increases again by 10%, which can stack up to four times.

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The best weapons for Xiao in Genshin Impact

Xiao’s best weapon for his Anemo and Burst DPS build is his signature weapon, Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, which is a five-star polearm that is permanently on the standard banner. His secondary sub-stat is Crit Rate, and his passive increases his attack by 3.2% for six seconds after hitting an enemy. This effect can only occur once every 0.3 seconds and can stack up to seven times.

While it’s best to equip Xiao with his five-star weapon, there are a few four-star alternatives for players who haven’t obtained the Primal Jade Winged Spear yet. The Deathmatch is another Crit Rate sub-stat weapon that can be obtained through the Battle Pass, and the Blackcliff Pole, with a Crit Damage sub-stat, is a fantastic alternative that can be purchased with Starglitter from Paimon’s Bargains.

For purely free options, the White Tassel has the Crit Rate secondary sub-stat, and its passive increases normal attack damage by 24% on first refinement. There is a downside to this weapon though, as the White Pompom can only be found in Liyue Treasure Chests. However, it is also available from chests in the new area, The Chasm.

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Build Xiao’s team in Genshin Impact

To make full use of Xiao’s talents, players should take into account that Xiao does his best damage when fully in the field. As such, characters capable of dealing damage off the field are critical to Xiao’s effectiveness within a team composition. This makes characters such as five-star Geo character Albedo and even new Hydro user Kamisato Ayato useful for creating highly damaging crystallization or whirlwind reactions while Xiao is still in the field. Having another Anemo character such as Jean, Sucrose, or Venti on the team can give needed skill cooldowns while reducing stamina consumption by 15% due to the Rash Winds effect.

One of Xiao’s biggest team compositions is the Anemo Geo team consisting of Xiao, Albedo, Jean, and Zhongli. Zhongli shields Xiao from interrupts and enemy attacks while Albedo applies geo damage off-screen. Jean increases movement speed and can provide much-needed healing during Xiao’s Elemental Burst cooldown. However, the huge amount of five stars on this list can make it difficult for players to get.

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A more accessible squad for Xiao includes the four-star Fischl and Barbara, the latter of which can be obtained for free early in the game. Barbara acts as a protective healer for Xiao when using her elemental burst between cooldowns, while also having the potential to buff his whirlwind damage with Hydro. Fischl is an ideal candidate for a support or sub-DPS role on this team. Her elemental skill “Nightrider” summons her companion, Oz, to the field, which consistently hits enemies with high electro damage, especially when she equips it from the Thundering Fury set.

Fischl and Barbara make a brilliant duo, applying the Electro-Charged effect to enemies and stunning them for short periods of time so Xiao can dive straight into them without fear of them moving. Players can get creative with the end member. However, Anemo Particle Generators such as the Anemo Traveler, Sucrose, or Jean are optimal.

Overall, Xiao’s main DPS build is a highly accessible and solid comp that makes it the best build for him. Players may find useful sets early in the game and can easily adapt to include their readily available weapons or artifacts. With easy-to-build teams and free-to-play options, both new and veteran players should find racing easy.

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