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German Wax Museum Leaves Queen Elizabeth Statue Bald Under Her Hat, Trending News


A wax museum called Panoptikum in Germany has left the statue of Queen Elizabeth bald under her hat.

When the museum was asked about the decision, Susanne Faerber, managing partner of the Panoptikum in Hamburg, said it did so to save money.

“We install just the amount of hair that is visible to visitors,” she said.

“It’s a wax job, not the real person, always keep that in mind,” she added.

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“Furthermore, Her Majesty’s position in Germany is different from the management of the Royal Family in Britain, where the press must be more sensitive towards them.”

Aged 95, Elizabeth is also the oldest and longest-serving monarch in the world. In September 2015, she broke her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria’s record as the longest-reigning monarch in British history, saying the historic moment was ‘not one at which I have never aspired”.

Proponents see the Queen as a stabilizing factor and cite the economic benefits the monarchy brings to Britain through tourism. Opponents argue that the institution is a bastion of unearned privilege, partially funded by taxpayers and undermined by the behavior of some members.

Famous personalities such as Donald Trump, Pope Benedict XVI, climate activist Greta Thunberg and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel have their statues in this museum.

It was created by Faerber’s great-great-grandfather in 1879.

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