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Harris Co.’s former school pays tribute to George Washington Carver


HAMILTON, Ga. (WTVM) – A former Harris Co. school that was the primary secondary school for African Americans from 1952 to 1970, will now be the site of a community education outreach center voters.

More than 4,000 students began their school careers at the former Hamilton Carver Elementary High School, now called the Carver Resource Center.

Today, the center serves as an umbrella for support services and other educational programs related to the Harris Co. community. The Carver Resource Center currently houses the Harris Co. Crossroads Alternative School as well as the Harris Co. Enrichment Services program, among others.

Pastor Bo Barber II of Prospect AME Church said, “We care about the vote, we care about what happens to our institutions, and we care about fairness and equality for all.”

“People who didn’t come to Carver now have to come to Carver High School here in Hamilton to vote, to be able to tune in.” adds Pastor Lawrence of Mount Olive Baptist Church.

For the African-American students at Harris Co., the legacy of George Washington Carver became their hope and a sense of empowerment that endured for nearly three decades.

In 2014, a Carver High School Historic Pictorial Museum was listed in what was once the school’s cafeteria. The museum still stands as a memorial tribute to the administrators, faculty and students of Hamilton Carver.

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