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Hong Kong Palace Museum welcomes donation of 946 artifacts


(ECNS) — The Palace Museum in Hong Kong has received 946 pieces of ancient Chinese gold and silver artifacts donated by the Mengdiexuan Collection. The donation ceremony was held at Government House in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

This donation will establish the Hong Kong Palace Museum as a leading museum of its kind and lay a solid foundation for building a world-class collection. It is also important for Hong Kong to become a cultural and artistic hub between China and other countries, said Carrie Lam, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in her speech at the ceremony.

Ancient Chinese gold and silver artifacts from the Mengdiexuan Collection have been exhibited in many museums in Europe, America and Hong Kong. The donations included horses, vehicles and burial ornaments of nobles from the Eurasian Steppe, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Central Plains, which span 3,000 years and bear witness to life among different ethnic groups, regions and cultures. in ancient times, Mr. Lam said.

She added that the current HKSAR government attaches great importance to culture and art. With the opening of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Xiqu Centre, M+ Museum and Hong Kong Palace Museum, a new model of Hong Kong culture and art has gradually developed.

Hong Kong will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its return to China with a brand new look.

Mengdiexuan is the name of the collecting workshop of famous collectors Lu Yinyin and Zhu Weiji.