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How to complete the Great Gathering


Genshin Impactit is Lantern Rite Festival did it again, this time with the theme of “Fleeting colors in flight.” The event is a historic fan favorite and this iteration offers players more than ever. Whether it’s story advancement, handcrafted fireworks, or shadow puzzles, this event offers a little something for everyone.

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This year Lantern Rite The event includes four sub-events that accompany the new story content: Flamefeather Starflowers, The great gathering, marvelous shadowsand ocean defender. Each offers unique challenges and unique rewards, meaning players who want to get the most out of this event will need to complete them all. This guide will cover The great gatheringin which players join Beidou and his crew in retrieving Jade Chamber artifacts that were scattered across the sea during the battle with Beisht.


How to Unlock the Great Gathering

Genshin Great Gathering Location

The great gathering The event should automatically unlock for players once they progress through the main story until the time of the festival. To start The great gathering Particular quest chain you should check out first Ningguang in the Chamber of Jade, which explains that some important artifacts have disappeared and Beidou was hired to retrieve them.

To help Beidou in her task, you must look for her in the Guyun Stone Forest Liyue region. You can access these characters via the quest tab and can use the map to teleport to both Jade’s room and Beidou’s ship. Once you’ve spoken to Beidou and the event begins in earnest, you’ll be offered several challenges, spread over a few days:

  • Night interrogationin which players must defeat groups of treasurers on land.
  • Trinket Recoveryin which players must navigate their Waverider while collecting floating crates and defeating Treasure Hoarders and Specters.
  • Median interceptionn I and IIin which players must destroy a floating transport balloon with their Waverider.
  • Back to Safe Harbor I and IIin which players must quickly navigate their Waverider to a destination while collecting crates and eliminating treasurers.

These challenges all have unique icons on the map around them. Guyun Stone Forest and accessible by clicking on Go to challenge on the event page for The great gathering. The area also contains new unlockable Windrider summon points.

How to defeat treasurers on land

Genshin Great Gathering Treasure Hoarders

the Night interrogation the activity tasks you with amphibious assaults on treasurers in order to recover stolen artifacts. At each group of enemies, you’ll notice one or two boxes of fireworks and a Elite Treasure Collectormarked with a red symbol above their heads. This elite enemy has increased DEF but can be weakened by take one of the nearby fireworks and explode it near them (similar to how you would use a gadget).

Once all of the Treasurers in an area are defeated, you can collect the Artifact Crate and move on to the next location. Most of the fights are simple, but one of the locations has several ruin guards nearby. In order to avoid having to fight them as well, try to keep the treasure hoarders close to the shore.

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How to Destroy Transport Balloons

Genshin Great Gathering Ball

the Median Interception I and II the activity requires you to pursue and destroy treasurers. Transport balloons with your Waverider before the balloons reach a target destination. A normal attack in the Waverider will launch a weak projectile, while using the Skill button will launch a bigger, stronger projectile with a cooldown. Each of these attacks can directly damage the Transport Balloon, but aim explosive barrels near the transport balloon will cause considerable damage and help you remove it faster.

The transport balloon will sometimes pass through areas that you cannot. If there is no apparent barrier that can be destroyed to allow the Waverider to pass, then you must find an alternate route. The alternate route is usually denoted by yellow orbs which you can follow, but watch out for hostile treasurers along the way.

Rewards for the Great Gathering

Genshin Great Gathering Event Page

Rewards for The great gatheringlaughedng are allocated differently depending on the activity. Night interrogation and Trinket Recovery are purely completion-based; completing these activities is enough to unlock all of their rewards. Waverider’s other activities, however, are time sensitive so you will need to complete these trials quickly in order to get all the rewards.

The great gathering the event awards Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mystic Enhancement Ore, but the real prize is undoubtedly the Immaculate Talismans. This event-specific currency can be used in Afterglow Market Stage 2 part of the Event shop to acquire Lantern Ritetheme teapot furniture. Obtaining Immaculate Talismans is also essential to unlock Ningguang’s new outfit, Orchid Evening DressGoing through The beautiful front of the moon.

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