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Kidspace’s Ice-Nice ‘Winter Frolic’ Has Been Extended – NBC Los Angeles



What there is to know

  • Pasadena
  • The special event has been extended until January 17, 2022
  • $ 14.95 (babies 1 year and under admitted free); $ 5 fee for sock skating

January is often a time full of changes, adjustments and changes that come up to face the new year.

But sometimes? We weren’t quite done with the old year and its delicious December pleasures, pleasures that often happen when you find yourself busy with a dozen other must-haves.

So when a December event runs into January, even with a few changes and adjustments, it can feel like a move that is both joyful (as befits a holiday) and filled with hope, which is what then we want the new schedule to begin.

Kidspace Children’s Museum extended one of her happy activities, with one or two adjustments. It’s the winter frolics we’re talking about this outdoor lark that invites kids to build with blocks of ice or go ice fishing.

But wait: the blocks of ice, uh, the blocks of “ice” are totally meant to be pretended, and, no, there is no ice on the water at the Pasadena-based educational institution.

These are good activities for young people with a big imagination, especially small children in Southern California who don’t have access to some of the winter activities that kids elsewhere often do.

And Kidspace gives a cold-weather pastime another “spin” with its sock rink.

The chance to “skate” in your socks is an additional $ 5, note that, and capacity is limited.

Keep in mind that the indoor galleries are temporarily closed at the museum, so you’ll want to dress for some fun outdoors.

For all Winter Frolic safety policies and procedures, which ends January 17, 2022, skate until Children’s site now.