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Lost Symbol Season 1 ending explained


Peter Solomon had a hell of a trip throughout the first season. In Season 1, Episode 6, he learns that the son he believed died in a Turkish prison has in fact been turned into a horrible monster. Although he acknowledges his son’s substantial crimes, he is unwilling to kill his son (and probably even less eager to see Mal’akh become a god). However, before Peter refuses to commit pedicide, he marvels at the knife Mal’akh presents to him as his weapon of destruction.

“It is iron from the sky,” said Mal’akh. “A blade forged from a meteorite and touched by God, the day Abraham submitted to the will of the Supreme Being by offering Isaac.”

In response, Peter said, “The Akedah dagger?

Mal’akh remarks: “It has never been used for its real purpose, until now.”

As with many historical artifacts in the series, the Akedah dagger refers to a story straight from the Bible. In Genesis 22, God commands Abraham to kill his only son, Isaac. Despite his love for his son, Abraham is willing to sacrifice him if it is God’s will that he die. Right before Abraham was about to kill Isaac – or as he took action, in some interpretations – God said to Abraham, “Don’t lay your hand on the boy. Don’t do anything to him. Now I am. know you fear God, for you did not deny me your son, your only son “(via Bible Hub).

According to Mal’akh, the blade he wields in the finale is the same instrument Abraham was once prepared to use on his son.