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Matheson History Museum announces new CEO



Press release from the Matheson History Museum

The Matheson History Museum Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the hiring of Kaitlyn Hof-Mahoney as the new CEO of the museum. Hof-Mahoney previously served as a volunteer, collections curator and interim administrator.

“In my role as curator of the collections, my favorite part was learning something new almost every day by talking with our visitors, attending our programs, facilitating research appointments, meeting partners. community organizations and researching exhibits. As Executive Director, I look forward to continuing to build relationships with the Alachua County community. “

Hof-Mahoney takes over the 27-year-old institution after serving as an interim administrator for seven months. A graduate of Auburn University and the University of Florida, Hof-Mahoney began volunteering at Matheson in the fall of 2015 and was hired as a full-time collections curator in January 2018.

Chairman of the Board, Greg Young, said, “As Interim Director, Kaitlyn has worked with the Board of Directors, Advisory Board and staff to continue the important work of preserving our history and to tell the stories that inform and enrich us. As Executive Director, Kaitlyn will strive to improve our financial sustainability, build strong community partnerships and deliver the quality programming that is essential to better understand our world, past and present.

Hof-Mahoney’s vision for the Matheson is a three-part approach that focuses on friends, backgrounds and facilities. She states that “these three pillars will create a strong and lasting foundation for Matheson to carry out his mission and continue to serve Gainesville and Alachua County.”