Home Art collection ‘Midnightluv’ at Andtree Gallery invites viewers to discover the innermost stories of four artists

‘Midnightluv’ at Andtree Gallery invites viewers to discover the innermost stories of four artists


“Camel in the Rain” by Yun Song-a (Andtree Gallery)

Love and comfort are what some people seek in art. The exhibition at Seoul’s Andtree Gallery touches the heart with paintings by four artists that reveal their innermost thoughts and life experiences.

The “Midnightluv” exhibition at Andtree Gallery in South Seoul, curated by ArtTechTree and Connect Art, was inspired by Woody Allen’s romantic fantasy film “Midnight in Paris.” Sixty-three paintings by Yun Song-a, Koh Yeo-myoung, Ha Jung-woo and Lee Tae-sung are on display in the exhibition which opened on Tuesday and will run until November 18.

Koh explored needles as a subject. Needles that can hurt us are also used to sew up wounds, to heal people – the reason why needle paintings evoke an ambivalent feeling in the viewer.

Yun painted camels to represent people. Rather than criticizing today’s world, she focuses on hope with the camels she paints from the imagination. Just as humps are an essential part of camels – humps store food – greed and desire are what drive humans. Her camel painting was featured in the TV drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love” in 2014.

“Untitled” by Ha Jung-woo (Andtree Gallery)

Lee and Ha are well known as actors who have expanded their careers as painters. Ha started painting when he felt stuck as an actor, according to the gallery. Her self-portraits and portraits of her acquaintances are done in vivid color, while capturing subtle facial nuances. Lee’s abstract paintings, on the other hand, feature many brushstrokes as if embodying the myriad relationships we build throughout life.

Artist roundtables with Yun, Lee, and Koh will take place on November 3, 8, and 10, respectively, at the gallery. Part of the proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the Sun Blanket Foundation, a non-profit art foundation that supports young artists, and part will be used to support young painter Kim Ha-min with painting materials.

By Park Yuna ([email protected])