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Montreal auction house sells Nazi memorabilia as “historical artifacts”


A Montreal auction house has sparked criticism and concerns over a new auction lot containing Nazi war memorabilia.

Champagne Auctions, an auction house located in Montreal, Canada, on Thursday launched a live online auction titled “Military Auctions – German World War II” that features artifacts from Nazi Germany.

Some of the items sold include iron crosses, medals, pins, and many items featuring the image of the Nazi eagle and the swastika.

They also sell many Nazi daggers, helmets, belts, shoes, pouches, badges and flags with Nazi images, like the swastika or images of Hitler, not to mention the infamous red armband.

All 128 lots began selling at 6 p.m. local time on Thursday.

“We sell historic coins for military collectors,” the auction house’s Claude Champagne said in response to many criticisms about the sales, according to Montreal-based CTV News. In February 2020, another Montreal-based auction house, Montreal Online Auction, came under fire for putting Nazi relics up for sale.

Some of the items included metal badges with swastikas, a statuette of a Nazi imperial eagle, and two daggers. The company that organized the auction noted in response to the backlash that “we have removed all German items from our online auction site. Not being experts in the field, we accepted the items because our client informed us that it was simply he inherited. “

The German National Socialist Party, or Nazi Party for short, was responsible for the genocide of two-thirds of Europe’s Jews during the Holocaust. Millions of people have been murdered under the hateful and fascist regime led by Adolf Hitler.

The sale of period artifacts is generally frowned upon, because while it may be intended for historical preservation, the buyers are often neo-Nazis – far-right activists who draw inspiration from the Nazis – who have supported the Third Reich and its actions.

Champagne Auction did not respond to Jerusalem postrequest for comments at this time.