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MTG: Dominaria United – Artifact Spoilers


Dominaria is home to some of the planes’ greatest artificers. Which is why these Dominaria United artifact spoilers will be killers.

Look Dominaria has been disrupting industries since before a startup came up with a complex, expensive, and ultimately useless solution for a problem that had already been solved by buses or something. That’s why Dominaria United has incredible artifact spoilers.

From special tablets to a favorite ship returning from misadventure, there’s plenty to dig into. Let’s look at this.

Dominaria United Artifact Spoilers

And it all starts with the humblest of creatures, the automatic librarian. 3 mana for scry 2, and you get an extra 3/2. Not bad when you fish the last piece of your combo.

The Golden Argosy is an interesting game considering the number of cards that have spicy “entering the battlefield” effects. With the Golden Argosy, you can cycle creatures multiple times this way.

The Codex of Jodah means that players with strong domain the game can really get the map advantage in mid-game and late-game, while Karn’s Sylex shows how the big silver boy is fighting the good fight against those Phyrexian defilers.

You can see many remnants of the Brothers War here. Shield-Wall Sentinels, which bring other defending creatures with them. Then you have your Manaworkers, which can turn mana into whatever color you need. To the Timeless Lotus which gives you five mana, one of each color. There’s a lot of artifact repair here, almost enough to make the good five-color stuff viable.

Finally, we take a look at the return of Weatherlight. Now that those Phyrexians have grabbed him, he’s ready to take on the heroes of Dominaria United. And the more creatures that are fed for the bloody battle, the more counters go to completed Weatherlight.

But hey, speaking of Weatherlight and complicated things… Karn’s returning baybee. Although Karn, Living Legacy, is not an artifact, nor an artifact creature, but rather a colorless Planeswalker. And probably the one that will turn back time, bringing us all to the Brothers’ War filming in November. It also gives you tokens for free artifact mana and can turn your artifacts into plinking engines.

All this at Dominaria United! Enjoy the Prerelease today!