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New exhibit unveiled outside Kelowna Art Gallery – Kelowna News


New display at the art gallery

A new presentation is presented in the Glass Gallery space of the Kelowna Art Gallery, at the main entrance of the building.

‘Awater made with the moon‘ by Moozhan Ahmadzadegan, can be seen by pedestrians along Water Street.

“For this piece, I was influenced by traditional Persian poetry and the art that often accompanied such stories,” Ahmadzadegan said.

“These historical and intricate works of art were often about love and frequently included flora and fauna as metaphors or tools to drive the narrative. I decided to explore this further through this installation.

Ahmadzadegan says he uses simplified illustrative renderings to present various elements of a story in the shadow box-like dark space.

The densely populated scene depicts various figures and animals among a veritable jungle of plants, shrubs, flowers and fruits.

Ahmadzadegan invites viewers to create a narrative based on their own interpretation.

He uses traditional imagery to recreate past stories and presents them in a contemporary context by continuing his explorations of Persian art forms as a means of connection and cultural expression.

‘As water made with the moon‘ will be on display in The Glass Gallery Space until May 29.

The Kelowna Art Gallery is located at 1315 Water Street in downtown Kelowna.