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New York’s Cannabis Museum Will Open This Winter – What Can Visitors Expect?


By jelena martinovic

The Big Apple will have its own cannabis museum this winter, thanks to former Las Vegas nightclub owner Robert Frey.

The businessman reportedly signed a 10-year lease for a historic SoHo building at 427 Broadway and Howard Street, which he plans to turn into a 30,000-square-foot marijuana museum called The House of Cannabis, reported the real deal.

The museum’s exhibit will include marijuana-related artwork and artifacts.

“We’re just thrilled because New Yorkers are real cannabis enthusiasts,” said Frey, who is backed by cannabis venture capital firm Merida Capital Holdings. “We thought this would be a great place to launch our museum exhibit. We want it to be a beacon of sorts for people to learn more about cannabis.

For now, Frey plans to convert all three floors of the building into a gallery that will tell the story of marijuana and showcase weed-inspired artwork.

“We wanted to combine a lot of topics under one roof and put it in an environment where people can really explore, educate themselves and understand what cannabis is and the impact on New York,” said Frey, who also helped establish the star-studded Pussycat Dolls Lounge and Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Also dubbed THCNYC, the new cultural institution will also feature LED light shows, sound technology and digital journeys, he added.

Photo by Anton Petrus/Getty Images

Frey stressed that the museum will not sell cannabis. “We really want to help all dispensaries, whether they want to use us to launch brands or see that we can help their programs.”

Meanwhile, the NY Office of Cannabis Management recently announcement it will begin accepting applications for conditional dispensary licenses for adults (CAURDs) from August 25, 2022. The application window will close on September 26, 2022.

This article originally appeared on Benzinga and has been republished with permission.