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Nita Patel unveils her new interactive fine art exhibition


Richardson, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Richardson, Texas –

Nita Patel, artist and owner of Nita Patel Fine Art, Richardson, Texas, celebrates the official VIP grand opening of her interactive show “Discover the space from within” Thursday evening, June 16, 2022, followed by a public art exhibition throughout the weekend, June 17-19, 2022.

Last weekend, Executive Director Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller of The Keep Smiling Movement and special guests gathered at Nita Patel Fine Art on Sunday for an “Official Keep Smiling Mixer & Greet Meeting” for a private viewing of “Experience Space from Dans.”

In the current series, she heals the world through art. Before Nita Patel applies a single brushstroke to her paintings, she takes a moment to sit down with the canvas and pay close attention to its energetic qualities.

She then marks the surface with an infinity symbol, or lemniscate, to imbue the surface with endless possibilities for creation and reception. Aesthetically, Patel’s work shares similarities with the North American Abstract Expressionism movement of the mid-20th century.

She offers a vibrant contemporary take on this style that draws inspiration from the shimmering, jewel-toned color palette of our post-digital “lossless” world. His non-differential treatment of the two-dimensional surface moves with spontaneous gestural brushstrokes and rich, upbeat pigments.

Yet to see Patel’s work as a mere extension of this prior art historical canon would be a mistake. Her paintings should be situated within the performative power of the artist’s broader social influence as an entrepreneur, author, and success coach who provides public education on empowerment, personal growth, and mindfulness.

With a background in psychology, Patel is very much in tune with how accessing these deeper levels of inner awareness allows for raw, unadulterated artistic expression. Yet his approach to painting and the holistic identity of the artist-intellectual is much more centered on presence than absence.

Patel encourages her audience, especially budding professional women, to be present by “showing up” to the world in a way that requires a lot of mindfulness, active listening, and thoughtful social awareness. While the male artists of the 20th century canon may have needed to shed ego to access a deeper subconscious identity, Patel argues for trust in a 21st century moment of highly organized and virtual identities. of endemic “impostor syndrome”.

Nita Patel

The destructive chatter of constant comparison, promoted by a pervasive visual culture, can often be detrimental to personal success and happiness. Patel’s recent series asks us to look beyond these personal limitations, which are attached to the Earth and its atmosphere, by looking towards the celestial bodies of outer space.

Through spiraling strokes of paint on canvas, mimicking the serpentine motion of the Milky Way, the artist reflects on the philosophical incongruity of outer space as depicted in popular science fiction and vice versa in our relationship more personal and intimate with the night sky.

In the first case, our vast galaxies become another landscape on which to wage geopolitical wars for the expansion of the nation-state, while in the second, space is a vast spiritual vacuum in which we can explore versions infinities of ourselves beyond the physical constraints of gravity. But, instead of the artist abandoning himself to a blind and unconscious automatism, this homage to interplanetary immensity demands great attention and intuitive listening.

The collection is not just about the canvases but the space around them, a space that demands presence, asks the viewer to slow down, listen to the breath and stifle inner criticism long enough to ponder the endless possibilities of space and time. . It is about how the artist herself presents herself with an invitation into her space, with warmth, optimism and a desire to stimulate personal transformation.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, international publicist at The RED Carpet Connection, describes the inaugural art exhibition “Experience Space from Within” as “an existential awakening of vibrant colors reminiscent of quantum possibility shown through an ethereal dreamy kaleidoscope” .

The “Offical Keep Smiling Meet and Greet Mixer” preview was deemed a big success with the sale of one of Patel’s artworks as well as a limited edition print of his signature piece.

Also available during the fine arts fair are pieces from “Opalescence”, “Dragons & Hearts”, as well as the large format, “Path of Enlightenment” and “Cool Summer”. His work has been shown all over the world, from New York to Paris. The price of colorful artwork ranges from $15,000 to $45,000. His signed, limited-edition prints are available for $250.

To preview the catalog of past work and request private or public access to screenings, visit www.Nita-Patel.com.

About Nita Patel

As a child born in Croydon, UK, Nita traveled frequently between London and Dallas, attending primary school in both places. Influenced by American and English culture combined with the deep Indian origin of her parents, her formative years were an amalgamation of values ​​and mores. Consequently, Nita attempted to shape her personality to suit her situation, such as disguising her teenage English accent in America to avoid teasing. These experiences and coping strategies have helped shape her strong and resilient character.

During her professional years and prior to her immersion in the creative arts, Ms. Patel demonstrated technology leadership experience in various industries, with a specific focus on healthcare for 14 of those 20+ years.

Investing in the theory and practice of psychology has led her to take a deep interest in helping others. As a catalyst, finding other ways to express her creativity has led her to pursue her professional calling as an artist for the past eight years.

She became deeply and passionately dedicated to nurturing others and building their confidence and brand through oral and consultative practices. Ms. Patel is also deeply drawn to matters of a spiritual nature and to sharing her findings with others. This pursuit, and the pursuit of her art, is what feeds her soul, provides a deep sense of fulfillment, and reinforces that she does indeed follow her heart.

Over the years, she has given countless volunteer hours to her faith-based organization and is dedicated to daily spiritual practice. His art is inspired by spirituality mixed with an avid love of travel, where the discovery of new places, cultures, ideas and ways of life directly influences his artistic creations.

Mrs Patel is the mother of a bright nineteen-year-old who is currently attending university and the companion of an adorable Yorkie – the Commander-in-Chief of House Patel.

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