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Noguchi Museum’s “Praise of the Caves” Exhibition


Caves were among mankind’s earliest habitations, and some experts believe that with accelerating climate change, this form of shelter could become essential to our survival in the future. A new exhibition at The Noguchi Museum in Queens partially uses this premise to explore organic architectural projects from Mexico by Carlos Lazo, Mathias Goeritz, Juan O’Gormanand Javier Senosianand how their work is more relevant than ever.

Occupying several galleries on the first floor of the institution, Praise of the caves transforms the museum into an underground environment that metaphorically encourages visitors to ponder our place in the world. From the monolithic sculptures of Goeritz to a model of the cave house that O’Gorman built for his family near Mexico City, each artist-architect studies the adaptation of natural structures to modern forms of life.

The exposure also echoes the benefits, both practical and environmental, of moving underground and how this change can reconnect humanity with nature. Praise of the caves will be on view at the Noguchi Museum until February 26, 2023.

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