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Tim Vandenack, Standard Examiner

Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell addresses a ceremony on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 to unveil the new name for the bus rapid transit system taking shape in the city. It will be called the Ogden Express or OGX. Beth Holbrook, a member of the Utah Transit Authority board of directors, looks on.

OGDEN – Ogden City Council approved public art funds in the amount of $ 190,459 for the Utah Transit Authority’s public art project in a 7-0 vote on Tuesday. With the construction of UTA’s Ogden Express rapid transit stations and the choice of performers, the upgrades are expected to be completed in 2023.

Ogden City Arts began working with UTA, Weber State University, and Intermountain Healthcare in February on ways to improve emerging BRT stations.

Colorful and impactful murals varying by location were considered the perfect beautification statement for the city, according to information from Ogden City Arts, which said in a slide presentation that the murals would help “integrate the arts in Ogden’s everyday experience “.

The project budget is estimated at a total of $ 266,959. With WSU funding of approximately $ 66,000 and an IHC contribution of $ 10,500, Ogden City is responsible for most of the costs.

Ahead of a nationwide application for qualification in September, Ogden’s Arts Advisory Committee recommended funding the project with stipends to attract strong professional artists. Approved funds include payment of approximately $ 5,000 per artist for their work, for a total of $ 50,000 in stipends.

Ten of the 68 artists who responded to the call for tenders are informed of their selection and the assigned station. Twenty-two BRT stations are enriched with artwork specific to one of Ogden’s 13 locations.

Weber State University commissions artists in-house to create art for two BRT sites on campus as well as the Dee Events Center and is therefore not funded by the project.

Ogden City Arts plans to apply for a RAMP grant in the amount of $ 86,500 by Jan. 14, 2022, to help cover costs. Christy McBride, director of the Ogden City Arts division, said he believes RAMP will fully support the project.

Trying to keep the project on schedule while recognizing that the organization might not have the full amount requested, Ogden City Arts included the possibility in the amount approved by city council.

If RAMP grants the grant, regardless of the amount, the money allocated by the city will be returned to the public art fund for future projects.

“This will be one of Weber County’s biggest art projects in a long time,” McBride said. “It was a great collaboration.

The OGX BRT system will be free for the first three years thanks to a federal grant received by the UTA.


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