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Ohio Arts Council Fine Arts Association Awards $ 45,000 – News-Herald


NS Ohio Arts Council This week’s board of directors announced the approval of a grant of $ 18,479,247 to support Ohio artists, arts and cultural organizations, students, educators and educational programs. public art.

According to the authorities, this represents the maximum amount of grants that will be distributed to members applying for the OAC funding program in the history of government agencies.

The 746 approved grants constitute OAC’s first major funding round for fiscal year 2022.

Of those who applied for OAC sustainability grants, 298 received a total of $ 14,382,577.

Art Association is the recipient of the Ohio Arts Council Sustainability Grant of $ 45,653 for fiscal year 2021-2022.

According to the FAA, sustainability supports ongoing artistic and cultural activities across all genres. The awards support the largest and most administratively sophisticated organizations in the state’s arts and culture ecosystem.

The Total Grant is the third year of a four-year funding program that “supports a wide range of state art providers who position Ohio as a national leader in creativity, art and cultural richness “.

Donna S, CAO Executive Director. Collins said the grant was “an important step towards the continued commitment of government agencies to directly fund art programs in all 88 counties and has been completed over the past six fiscal years.” is. “

She said the CAO’s commitment to providing state-wide arts support took on new significance after the announcement of a record $ 40 million for CAO’s 2022 operating budget. -2023. I added.

FAA CEO Paul Holm is particularly grateful for the ‘significant award’ as the school, along with other arts organizations, is still recovering from the devastating economic consequences of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“We thank Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. John Hasted, and the Ohio and Ohio Senators for their continued support of the art,” said Holm. “Guided by fairness, integrity, growth and community values, the mission of the FAA is to create and experience beauty.

“By fostering an art-fueled community, the FAA connects people, creates a sense of belonging, builds community dialogue, provides opportunities for shared cultural experiences, and promotes economic development. Help. A vibrant and prosperous business. “

The artistic association is at 38660 Mentor Avenue

For more information, please visit: fineartsassociation.org Or call 440-951-7500.

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