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Plastic Free Beach Toronto Founder Dora Attard’s Sunday Art Installation Highlights Number of Cigarette Butts Collected – Beach Metro Community News


Cigarette butt buckets will be placed near the boardwalk in the Woodbine Beach area as part of a Plastic Free Beach Toronto initiative.

Dora Attard, Founder of Plastic Free Beach Toronto, will present an art installation at Woodbine Beach on the morning of Sunday, August 29, to raise awareness of the impact of litter in the region.

Attard organizes a weekly beach clean-up in the area and every year it creates an art exhibition showcasing some of the waste collected.

Last year’s artwork was a six-foot globe made from salvaged plastic water bottles. This year, the art installation will highlight the massive number of cigarette butts collected as rubbish along the beaches and the promenade.

“This summer, I focused on cigarette butts, so my art installation will reflect that,” she said in a note to Beach Metro News.

The installation will be on display near the Donald B Summerville Pool, at the foot of Woodbine Avenue, from 8 a.m. to noon on August 29.

Along with the art installation, Attard will also place “butt buckets” (to be used by smokers for their cigarette butts instead of just throwing them on the floor) along the promenade.

“We have received permission and support the city parks and recreation to implement this idea,” she said.

Cigarette butts are among the most collected types of garbage in the area, and they can have a serious impact on the lake since the filters contain microplastics and do not degrade naturally.

For more information on Plastic Free Beach, please visit Plastic Free Beach Toronto’s Facebook page or Instagram @plasticfreebeachtoronto https://www.instagram.com/plasticfreebeachtoronto/?igshid=slkjlxk87f9n&hl=en

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